The Medium Suitcase by Away Luggage: A Great Checked Bag for Your Trip

The Medium Away luggage doesn’t take up too much space in the trunk of your car headed to the airport, and the handle for the Away is as sturdy as they come. I’ve purchased way too many various travel pieces from Groupon to know the difference between quality and a “good deal” (at the time).

In terms of improvements, the one thing that I missed on the Medium Away that the carry-on sizes have is the built-in battery.

Not everyone travels by plane, and there are some cases where I do take the train, so the Medium actually suits my needs. Having that built-in battery on a train where a 6-8 hour ride could be helpful because an outlet is not always handy; having a built-in battery is actually something that would be really nice in this case (although it would have to be removed when used as checked luggage).

You’d think that since the Medium costs a bit more, that it would come with the battery just for the sake of the price, but unfortunately the built-in battery seems more geared towards the carry-ons. But hey, Away Luggage was nice enough to add in an additional luggage tag so I wouldn’t have to go and purchase one, right?

That being said, if you are a fan of checked bags, the Medium luggage by Away is a great suitcase, and it will last you years if taken care of. Obviously the darker the color you get, the fewer scratches will show, but if you get the Navy, Green or that Pop Pink, it’ll be more recognizable when you’re standing and waiting for it to come off the conveyor belt.

If you’re interested in the Medium suitcase or any other sizes made by Away Luggage, you can head directly to their site for more information.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Scuff-resistant; Wheels are 360-degrees and roll without locking up, and the storage space is enough for a week of clothing

What Needs Improvements: Should come with battery pack like carry-on versions do

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