Got a Mirrorless Camera? Get Yourself a SpiderLight Hand Strap.

The SpiderLight Hand Strap is THE BEST way to carry your mirrorless or lightweight DSLR camera. Specially designed for smaller cameras, your hand slips in and out easily while you can still maintain a secure grip on your camera. The adjustable SpiderLight Hand Strap can be yours for $40, and it is available in a variety of colors.

We recently purchased a Sony a6000 mirrorless camera and were looking for the perfect accessory with which to carry it. Sometimes you don’t want your camera swinging around your shoulder while you’re at an event, and the SpiderLight Hand Strap is the perfect solution to this. You can put your camera down when you don’t need it but quickly and easily pick it back up again and you’re ready to shoot.

I’ve previously reviewed Spider Holster’s products and found them to be of excellent quality and superior design. The SpiderLight Hand Strap is another generation of great design from Spider Holster. It allows you to hang on to your camera and shoot for a long period of time without the camera getting too heavy or uncomfortable.

It’s simple to install, you just remove the stock shoulder strap from your camera and install the SpiderLight Hand Strap using a specially designed adapter. Then you screw the adjustable strap on to the bottom of the camera via the tripod mount. The way to adjust the strap is tightening or loosening the strap prior to screwing the bolt in completely.

The Hand Strap is completely secure, you can shake the hell out of it and the camera does not loosen. The inside of the strap is made of a soft velour-type fabric that is amazingly soft on your hand. The strap is designed to allow you access to all of your camera’s controls without taking your hand out of the strap and you’re even able to access the battery/SD card compartment without removing the strap.

The SpiderLight Hand Strap is compatible with all flagship brands of mirrorless or light DSLR cameras, including Sony, Nikon, Olympus, Canon, and more. The Hand Strap is available in all black and then 5 different trim color options, including red trim, deep blue trim, light blue trim, copper trim, and lilac trim.

You can get yours now directly from SpiderHolster.

Source:  The SpiderLight Hand Strap was a manufacturer provided review sample.

What I Like:  Compatible with almost all lightweight cameras; Easy to install and remove; Great design; Comfortable.

What Needs Improvement:  Nothing at this time.

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