The MultiCinch Is a Product with Endless Possibilities

If you’re looking for a product that has so many uses for many first-world problems that we face today, you should really check out the MultiCinch by MUTDUT.

The MultiCinch Is a Product with Endless Possibilities

Currently a Kickstarter campaign, the MUTDUT is essentially a reusable too with endless possibilities. Made of elastic material, the MultiCinch comes in three sizes, small, medium and large and can handle anything you throw at it from wrapping up your phone cord, to even nearly wrapping up your water hose. Every part of the MultiCinch works, as there is no wrong way to use the product, which makes it a great companion for your bag, or even as a phone stand on your desk. Made up of a custom thermoplastic material, it’s not only stretchy, but is made to stand the test of large weights, and countless other uses.

The MultiCinch Is a Product with Endless Possibilities

Every MultiCinch has two different sizes of holes which can accommodate your day-to-day functionality, which is great for boating, fishing, or even setting up your camera as a tripod for that moment you have nobody there to take the photo for you.  Currently seeking funding on Kickstarter, the MultiCinch by MUTDUT is UV resistant, waterproof, and even FDA approved for those moments you need to tie up your food. If you back the product with $16, you’ll receive one of each size of the MUTDUT MultiCinch which is estimated to arrive in August 2017.

For more information about the MUTDUT MultiCinch, head over to their Kickstarter today.

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