Belkin Has You Covered for Father’s Day and Graduation

Belkin, one of the world’s leading mobile accessory manufacturers, has released a few new accessories that you should keep your eyes on. They’re perfect for Apple Watch users and travelers alike. From new Apple Watch bands, to charging docks that charge both your iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time, to a battery pack/surge protector, Belkin has you covered.

Belkin Has You Covered for Father's Day and Graduation

My favorite of the pack is Belkin’s new Valet Charge Dock. It’s an elegant night table charging solution that charges both your iPhone and your Apple Watch. What’s neat about this device is that it uses it’s own single power cable, so you don’t need to use two separate charge cables anymore. The height of the integrated lighting connector is adjustable so it will work with everything from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 7 Plus.

The lighting connector moves back and forth to help you plus in your iPhone, but I always found it a bit difficult to plug my phone in, in the dark. The dock comes in black, rose gold, and silver, so it can be ordered to match your devices. You can grab yours at for $129.99.

If you’ve got an Apple Watch, then you probably know that Apple’s watchbands are pretty pricey. But Belkin is a good third-party option if you’re looking for a new watchband. Their new Sport Bands and Leather Bands are incredibly stylish and made with the highest quality materials.

The Sport Band is made with flexible but durable silicon with a wave pattern that helps airflow beneath the band during tough workouts. The Sport Bands also feature a dual-locking closure, so you can be sure it won’t fly off of your wrist. My only complaint was that the Sport Band was a little difficult to put on at times, and it took multiple attempts to get both closures locked in place. The Sport Band is available for 38mm and 42mm Watches and comes in a variety of colors, for $39.99.

The Leather Bands are made with supple Italian leather and they feature a stylish, classic look. The leather bands feature a simple buckle closure that is easy to use and will fit almost all wrists since it can be tightened or loosened with the multiple hole options. The leather band comes in three colors, tan, black and gray, and sells for $59.99.

Belkin’s new Travel Rockstar is a mobile battery pack, charger, and surge protector all rolled into one device. It plugs directly into the wall with its collapsible prongs and features dual AC plugs for your travel power needs. It features a 2A USB jack for easy mobile charging as well. The integrated battery has a capacity of 3000 mAh, which would charge an iPhone 7 about 1.5 times.

The surge protection feature comes with a $75,000 warranty, which means Belkin will pay you $75,000 if there is a surge, spike, or lightning strike that damages properly connected equipment. The Travel Rockstar is a multi-talented mobile power station, however, it may be a little large to carry around with you everywhere. It is best to be packed in a carry-on or checked luggage due to its size. The Travel Rockstar retails for $59.99.

So if you or someone you know is a traveler, an Apple Watch fan, or just loves gadgets, check out for their high-quality mobile accessories.

Source:  The Belkin mobile accessories were manufacturer provided review samples.

What I Like:  Excellent build quality; High-quality materials; Stylish products

What Needs Improvement:  The Travel Rockstar is a bit heavy for everyday use

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