Enhance Your Calm with Calm Mindful Puzzles for Increased Relaxation

Calm is the #1 sleep and meditation app in the App Store today. Not only does it allow you to listen to peaceful audio to match your mood, but they now have Calm Mindful Puzzles.

Calm Mindful Puzzles

Created in collaboration with Spin Master Games, there are six Calm Mindful Puzzles that you can enjoy whenever you have some downtime.

My wife and I had the opportunity to check out a Calm Mindful Puzzle for Valentine’s Day after putting our baby to sleep. After a long day, it was nice to know that we can take your mind off your phone and gadgets and simply do a puzzle.

Calm Mindful Puzzles

During the pandemic, I’ve enjoyed the tranquility of puzzles that still allow you to be mindful yet not consumed with the world around you. It should come as no surprise that Calm created their mindful puzzles to pair with the Calm apps peaceful audio to ease tension and reduce stress by simply “putting together the pieces.” There’s an included 30-day subscription to Calm with each puzzle.

I’ve been using the Calm app to relax and remind myself to “slow down, enjoy the little things,” and it’s been working thus far. Some early results are have been increasing my self-worth, improved happiness, and less stress. The only thing I wish was that some of the Calm Mindful Puzzles would come with more than 300 pieces. Even so, they are meant to take about two to three hours to complete, which means two to three hours of stress-free relaxation.

Calm Mindful Puzzles

Calm says that with their mindful puzzles, you can “find your inner peace by piece.” There’s no time like the present to get started! Regardless of whether you want to reduce anxiety, build self-esteem, have a better sleep, improve your performance, develop gratitude, increase happiness or reduce stress, Calm’s got your back.

Calm Mindful Puzzles range in price from $8.98 to $14.99 each, and you can find them on Amazon or at your local Walmart or Target.

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  1. Tawney Mazek | March 30, 2021 at 10:23 am |

    I’m old so it’s sad for me to imagine not being able to just do puzzles (and lots of other things) without the aid of tech.

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