Innovative Navdy Heads-Up Display Keeps Your Eyes on the Road at All Times

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Navdy is made up of a number of components, including the dashboard mount, optional height adjustment mounts, the power cable with a magnetic puck on one end and an OBD-II plug on the other end, the Bluetooth control dial, and of course, the Navdy console itself. The console has a flip-down screen so it can be rotated out of the way when not in use. The main console is magnetically attached to the base, so it can be easily taken down and put in your glove compartment or brought inside if you’re worried about theft.

Innovative Navdy Heads-Up Display Keeps Your Eyes on the Road at All Times

Top view of the Navdy console.

Navdy built an operating system from the ground up, using Android as a base, to ensure that their users have the best possible driving experience. It’s important to note that Navdy is not just mirroring your smartphone; it’s elegantly integrating your smartphone’s notifications, contacts, music, etc. into the Navdy interface. Navdy carefully picked the most critical information only, so as not to distract the driver. Dan Currie, Navdy’s Chief Revenue Officer, had told me that his team is most excited about their software and the user experience.

Innovative Navdy Heads-Up Display Keeps Your Eyes on the Road at All Times

View of the Navdy base without the Navdy installed. Here you can see the magnetic power puck.

Navdy connects to your phone via Bluetooth and therefore does not require its own data plan. Navdy utilizes Google Maps for its navigation and even has built-in maps in the US, Canada, and Mexico, so that if you lose data connection while traveling, Navdy will still get you where you need to go. The only bummer, however, is that you’re stuck with using Navdy’s built-in navigation (Google Maps) so you aren’t able to use other navigation apps like Waze or Apple Maps. While not a deal breaker, it’s something to consider if you’re married to Waze.

Innovative Navdy Heads-Up Display Keeps Your Eyes on the Road at All Times

A good look at the Bluetooth dial installed.

Navdy also utilizes two innovative input methods to help you stay safe keeping your eyes on the road. The first is a dial that connects to the main console via Bluetooth. The high-quality dial attaches to your car’s steering wheel with a stretchy silicon strap and allows you to control Navdy with your thumb. The dial has a single push button as well as a rotating dial you use to scroll.

The second input method is the use of hand gestures. You’re able to swipe your hand left to accept a call or have Navdy read a text message to you, or you can swipe your hand right to decline a call or dismiss a notification. It’s simple, intuitive, and works very well.

Innovative Navdy Heads-Up Display Keeps Your Eyes on the Road at All Times

PLEASE NOTE, THIS PHOTO DOES NOT ACCURATELY DEPICT THE DISPLAY IN PERSON.  For some reason, the way Navdy projects does not play well with cameras, so I was not able to get any good pictures of the display during real life use. each shot makes the display look like an unfocused rainbow when that’s not the case in reality.

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