Innovative Navdy Heads-Up Display Keeps Your Eyes on the Road at All Times

Have you ever wondered what it was like to fly a spaceship? Or, maybe you find it distracting to look down at your car’s built-in GPS navigation. If so, then Navdy is for you. Navdy projects a see-through display right in front of the road so you can keep your eyes on the road while driving; Navdy retails for $499.


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Navdy connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth paired with a free companion app in order to act as your command center while driving. You’re able to use GPS navigation, receive texts, see smartphone notifications, make calls, choose music, and access your car’s diagnostic information through Navdy’s innovative display. Navdy’s heads-up display (HUD) projects all of your most important information onto a see-through display right in front of the road, allowing you to stay connected while keeping your eyes on the road ahead.

Check out Navdy’s video, below for a quick introduction:

There are two main screens that I’ve used while driving; the GPS screen, and the Dash screen. The GPS screen shows where you are on a map and if you’re currently navigating, it’ll also show your ETA and time remaining, as well as your speed and the next turn. The Dash screen shows your car’s diagnostics within three main sections: The main section in the middle can be either a tachometer (RPM) with digital speed in the center or a just a speed gauge.

Check out the unboxing gallery, below.  Navdy did a fantastic job packaging the unit, making it feel like an adventure discovering all of the parts and pieces.

The left and right sections can be configured depending on what you want to see. You have a number of options, including Gas tank status, miles per gallon, date/time, analog clock, next event, “now playing” for music, and more. When I’m not navigating to a destination, I like having the dash up so that I can see my speed without looking down at the car’s dashboard. Even without using navigation or notifications, Navdy keeps you safer.

Innovative Navdy Heads-Up Display Keeps Your Eyes on the Road at All Times

Navdy sitting on my dash in the garage.

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