Jabra Evolve 75 Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation Are Ready for the Office and Beyond

Inside the box you get a Quick Start Guide, the Evolve 75 headset, a Jabra Link 370 USB adapter, a compact protective travel case and a USB cord for charging the headset.

If you order the optional charging stand it will come separately from the rest of the package. (If you order the Evolve 75 spent the extra for the charging stand. It is a great way to keep the headset charged and easily in reach. It also helps keep your desk looking neat and organized.)


The inclusion of a USB adapter for using the Evolve 75 with a computer is a nice touch. The fact that the case has a specific location for storing it is an even nicer touch!

All-day comfort: Leather-feel ear cushions and on-the-ear design for all-day use

The Jabra Evolve 75 are on-ear headphones that have soft leather ear cups that sit comfortably on your ears. There is little clamping pressure from them which is a pleasant surprise considering the fact that on-ear headphones often become uncomfortable after a brief period of use. The leather cups do more than simply provide comfort, however. The material is soft enough that the headphones fit closely to your ears and offer more than a bit of passive noise cancellation. Of course, if you work in an open office or, like me, have a puppy that likes to bark at seemingly nothing for minutes on end, the passive noise blocking may not be enough. The Jabra Elite 75 are ready for such environments thanks to highly-effective active noise cancellation.

The controls are thoughtfully laid out. This means there is a minimal learning curve when first using the headset.

Shut out office noise and increase your productivity: You can switch on active noise cancellation to virtually eliminate low-frequency sounds, like the hum of air conditioning. Active noise cancellation uses advanced microphones to monitor and counter ambient noise

The active noise cancellation kicks into action with the press of a button on the left ear cup. (It is worth noting that these headphones are not ear-agnostic. The left ear cup is always meant to be the left ear cup. More on that in a bit.) A small indicator light next to this button lets you, and others, know the active noise cancellation is on. It works well. Switching on the ANC immediately shuts out the world and lets you focus on what you are doing. The ABNC works well thanks to a hybrid 4 microphone array that delivers 17dB of “perceived cancellation in an office environment.”

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