Roomba Creator Made This Awesome Robot That Pulls Weeds

Gardening is a fun task that requires hard work and dedication. But, for your garden to be a success, you must continuously water and plant, as well as pull those weeds, which is — admittedly — not so fun.

Roomba Creator Made This Awesome Robot That Pulls Weeds

In every garden, nasty and pesky weeds tend to rear their ugly heads. It’s only a matter of time before they become a nuisance.

You’d be hard pressed to find a task gardeners hate more than pulling weeds. It’s a tedious and annoying task that takes up precious time that could be spent cultivating the garden differently. However, there may be a solution to pulling weeds. Enter the Tertill (pronounced Turtle).

Pulling weeds doesn’t have to be the chore that you despise. Instead, it can be fun to let the Tertill do its thing. What exactly is the Tertill, and what does it do?

How It Functions

The Tertill was created by Joe Jones, who also came up with the ingenious idea to create a tiny, round robot that could clean up dirt and dust in your house. He created a Kickstarter campaign for this new project that deals with ripping weeds out of your garden.

Regarding mobility, the Tertill works a lot like the Roomba. The Tertill consists of a small, round body that roams your garden. This round body design allows for ease of mobility as the device rolls around your garden. It consists of four wheels that are angled. The angled wheels allow for the instrument to traipse over a variety of terrain.

How It Cuts

The coolest part about the Tertill is the fact that’s it’s powered by the sun. Whether it’s bright and the sun is shining or it’s cloudy and about ready to bring a thunderstorm your way, the Tertill will gather energy. The amount of energy you get depends on the weather, but it will have energy and power nonetheless.

The device also does an excellent job of deciphering what’s a weed and what isn’t. It cuts anything that is below an inch. If it’s above an inch, the Tertill’s sensors will know this and it will simply keep on rolling by. The best part about this is weeds are cut into a fine grain. So, the weeds travel right back to the soil, when they’re torn up and will eventually help your garden grow.

The device does need a border. If you don’t have a border on your garden, the Tertill could simply wander off and run out of energy. You wouldn’t want to lose your brand-new helper, so it’s highly advised you create some sort of border around your garden.

Eventually, the creator wants to add a particular sensor so it can detect small animals and critters in its path. Currently, there are no sensors for such things.

If you’re interested in the Tertill, you can get your hands on it once it hits store shelves in May 2018. Until then, you can look forward to the day when you don’t have to strain your back by pulling all those pesky weeds.

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