AT&T Comes Up with Amazing iPhone 13 Deals!

AT&T is very excited about the new iPhone 13! They were the original carrier to take a gamble on the first iPhone; they should be excited and proud because — well, would you just look at the iPhone now?! In fact, AT&T is so excited about the new iPhone that they’re offering qualified customers some amazing iPhone 13 deals if they’re looking to upgrade!

AT&T's amazing iPhone 13 deals

If you’re looking for an iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Mini, AT&T will hook you up with a 128GB version for free with a qualifying trade-in and a qualifying unlimited plan. If you’re more of an iPhone Pro Max person, AT&T has you covered too, with $1,000 off the 128GB version — which works out to financing it for $2.75/month at just $99! You can also get $700 off the regular iPhone 13, which brings it to just $99.

Of course, all of these amazing iPhone 13 deals for new and existing customers require a qualifying trade-in and plan. While AT&T does not list the specifics in their statement, it’s safe to say that if you’re still on your battered iPhone 3G or your 4S with a cracked screen, you’re probably not getting that best deal. Consider yourself warned.

In addition, an extra $20/month can get you a new iPad and data plan. Plus, in a bit of impressive corporate synergy, you can get free HBO Max if you’re an Unlimited Elite plan subscriber. If you’re thinking it’s a great deal, but you’re not ready to brave a store and you don’t trust yourself to set it up at home alone, AT&T will also send a representative right to you — at your home or office, or they’ll even schedule a video chat so someone can walk you through setup. Now, that’s service!

Of course, offering an iPhone for $0 if you commit to a plan for a period of time means we’ve basically gone full circle from contract phones with very little out of pocket cost to financing them over 24-36 months to….contract phones with very little out of pocket cost. But hey, less money out of pocket is a no-brainer these days, and AT&T’s offering some amazing iPhone 13 deals.

In any case, if you’re thinking AT&T for your iPhone 13, pre-orders start on September 17th.

Be sure to check the AT&T site to see if you have a trade-in or plan that qualifies for one of these amazing iPhone 13 deals!

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