Nomad Battery Cable is a Smart Solution to Poor Smartphone Battery Life

It is rare that I refer to tech as “brilliantly innovative.” It is even rarer when the “brilliantly innovative” tech is nothing more than an iPhone charging cable. Then again, the Nomad Battery Cable isn’t just any old iPhone charging cable. It is tough, works well and, as the name suggests, it has a battery built right into the cable.

Some months ago I reviewed Nomad’s Universal Cable. It has multiple tips so a single cable can charge devices that use USB-C, micro-USB and Lighting connectors. It’s awesome. (Read the review.) More recently, Judie reviewed the Nomad Rugged Cable. She also reviewed the Universal Cable and 4-in-1 USB C Cable. (Read the reviews.) Like me, she was impressed. (Read her review.)

The Nomad Battery-Cable takes everything that has impressed me about Nomad’s cables and brings it to an entirely new level.

As was the case with other Nomad cables, the Battery Cable is made to last. It is made from 500D Nylon woven in a ballistic weave pattern was originally developed to protect military forces from shrapnel and bullets. That means it is tough. But it is not as simply as that. In fact, the cable is made from a number of distinct layers and each layer serves a different purpose.

The cable offers quick transfer rates and, as mentioned, is strong. How strong? Check out this image from the product page:

Also, the Battery Cable comes with one of the features I love the most about Nomad’s Cables, the silicone cable tie.

Yeah yeah, I know, it is just a cable tie so why am I such an enthusiast? Simply put, the Nomad cable tie works! As the company explains:

We’ve added an integrated, custom designed Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) cable tie for convenient cable management. This innovative tie insures that cable that doesn’t get tangled together.

The cable tie is thick, strong and holds the cable tightly when wrapped around it and locked in place. Also, the cable tie stays affixed to the cable when not in use so it won’t get lost. As someone who carries different cables I wish I could just buy some extras of these cable ties. They are that good at getting their simple, but important, job done.

All of this is lovely but similar to what we have seen with Nomad’s other cables. The real magic happens when you realize there is a thick battery bump in the middle of the cable. This 2350mAh battery will give you a boost when your iPhone runs down. In fact, Nomad claims it will give you one complete charge before it needs to be recharged.

But it gets better. This isn’t just an iPhone cable with a battery built in. It is a cable with a smart battery built in. The “smarts” has to do with the fact that when you use the cable to charge your phone, the cable charges your phone first and then, when your phone has reached capacity, it begins to charge the battery on the cable. That, in turn, means when you charge your phone you are also topping off the Battery Cable and it will always be ready to go when needed. As Nomad explains:

The Battery Cable combines a durable, nylon wrapped, MFI Certified Lightning Cable with a high capacity 2350mAh portable battery. The battery gives your iPhone 7 a full charge. The 500D Nylon woven in a ballistic weave pattern was originally developed to protect military forces from shrapnel and bullets. The battery cable keeps your iPhone charged even through tough adventures.

The Nomad Battery Cable is a perfect iPhone accessory for someone like me who always has a charging cable in his gear bag. Think about it, since I have a cable with me anyway, why not have a cable that can not only charge my phone when it is plugged in but also charge my phone when I am on the go? And since the cable’s battery gets charged using the same cable that charges my phone, it will always have a full charge. (If you have ever pulled out an external battery only to find that it, like your phone, has little to no charge left, you know what a great idea this is.)

I love the Nomad Battery Cable and keep it in my gear bag at all times. Knowing that I can always top off my phone when it runs down is a nice piece of mind. At just $49.95 it is a bit of piece of mind that anyone who relies heavily on their phone can appreciate. Check it out here.

Source: Company Supplied Review Sample of the Nomad Battery Cable

What I Like: Built tough; Includes cable tie that really works; Battery only gets charged after the iPhone is charged; Offers one full charge to the iPhone 7; Reasonably priced

What Needs Improvement: Nothing. For anyone who uses an iPhone this cable is amazing. Carry it, and the Nomad Universal Cable in your bag and they are the only cables you need.


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