Nomad Universal and 4-in-1 USB C Cables: Everything you need!

If you’ve got an iPhone, or one of the newer Android phones, a MacBook, or many of the newer Windows computers, then you need all of the USB Type-C cables you can get your hands on. When you’re ready to upgrade to the best, Nomad has you covered with their new Universal Cable and 4-in-1 USB C Cable.

Before I talk about each cable, I should mention that they both have this same construction …


Let’s start with my new favorite 3-in-1, the Nomad Universal Cable. Measuring ~13″ long in total, with about 9″ of that being a flexible, braided ballistic nylon cable, the Universal is the perfect solution for what to plug into your favorite battery pack that will go with every device you own.

With its regular USB end, this cable won’t work with your newer MacBooks, but if you have a computer that still uses USB ports, you’ll be set.

On the business end, you have a microUSB tip that goes into either a USB Type-C tip or a Lightning tip.

The Nomad Universal Cable is Apple MFi certified, and it is 10K Mil-spec flex tested. The ends have a fire resistant PVC jacket, and they seem (and past Nomad cables have proven to be) quite durable. The Universal cable also features 20AWG for fast charging and an RF shield for fast syncing. It’s guaranteed for 5 years, so you’ve got plenty of time to put it to the test.



The Nomad Universal Cable sells for $29.95, and you can find it here.

The other cable that I want to tell you about is the Nomad 4-in-1 USB C Cable. This cable measures 1.5 meters long (5′), and it has a dual USB Type-A and USB Type-C plug on one end. The other end has either a USB Type-C or microUSB tip. The only thing missing is a Lightning tip, but if you have a MacBook, you’ll love the fact that you can now use the cable to charge your phone or sync photos from your camera easily.

Nomad has this to say about the 4-in-one USB C Cable:

It’s designed for the future (USB C), but backwards compatible so can pack light, and rely on this as your only cable.

This cable also features ultra-rugged ballistic nylon, fire resistant PVC jackets, and it has a handy built-in vulcanized LSR silicone cable tie.


The Nomad 4-in-1 USB C Cable has an RF Shield for Fast Sync, and it features 20AWG for fast charging (up to 100W for full speed charging of the MacBook Pros). While you can get up to 500mbs for data transfer, the cable does not support USB C 4K video. It is also guaranteed for 5 years. It retails for $29.95, and you can get yours here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review samples


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