Scosche’s BTFREQ Bluetooth Transmitter Announcement Has Me Excited

Scosche's BTFREQ Bluetooth Transmitter Announcement Has Me Excited

I’m excited about all of the products that Scosche has announced for CES 2019, and that continues with the Scosche BTFREQ. It’s a smart USB Type-A and Type-C car charger and Bluetooth transmitter that you should consider — even if your car already has Bluetooth.

One of my personal nominees for a CES Innovation Award has to be the Scosche BTFREQ (I think it’s pronounced “Bluetooth Freq”, like frequency), a small but clever device that will make your vehicle a bit smarter and more useful. The Scosche BTFREQ is a dual-port charger that not will only charge up a USB-A and USB-C enabled device (with the USB-C charging up to three times faster than a typical charger), but the charger itself supports Amazon’s Alexa courtesy of Bluetooth or the Aux-in cable.

The Scosche BTFREQ is a small but mighty device, cleverly designed to deliver several technology solutions, including in-vehicle hands-free communications, entertainment, Power Delivery, and Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice service.

Imagine being able to play your favorite tunes, hear the news, check the weather — or in my case, telling Alexa to contact my wife to tell her that I’m on the way. What’s more, the Scosche BTFREQ comes with the ability to speak to Siri or Google Voice when paired with your smartphone of choice. Just from the looks alone, the BTFREQ won’t take up a lot of space in your car, and it will look great in any interior.

Scosche's BTFREQ Bluetooth Transmitter Announcement Has Me Excited

Who doesn’t want to make their car a bit smarter? Available in Fall 2019, you can check out more details about the BTFREQ by visiting the Scosche site.

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