The LG Styler Brings You Clean Clothes and One Step Closer to “The Jetsons”

Remember on the show “The Jetsons,” how George Jetson would hop on a conveyor belt and get washed, dried, brushed, and dressed by a machine? We’re not quite there yet, but LG is getting scarily close with their LG Styler, which is basically a Jetson shower system for your clothes!

The LG Styler Brings You Clean Clothes and One Step Closer to "The Jetsons"

Seriously though, the LG Styler is designed to steam and gently dry clothes that are a bit wrinkly and need refreshing. Think of the suit you wore a few times but wanted one more wear from before it hit the dry cleaners. Or your kids favorite stuffed toy — because you don’t quite trust the washing machine with it. Maybe you really hate ironing creases into your pants. If any or all of those apply to you, then you’re the target audience for the LG Styler. Just make sure you have room for a 6ft high steam closet, along with an extra $2,000 lying around.

Yes, the magic closet costs $2,000, and it doesn’t even send you to Narnia when you use it.

On the other hand, if you wear a great deal of dry clean only clothing, that price tag isn’t actually so insane. I usually hit the dry cleaner every two weeks, and spend anywhere from $120-$200 per month. That’s anywhere from $1,440 to $2,400 per year on dry cleaning, and that’s just for my clothes alone. So a household with two adults generating that level of dry cleaning could end up saving money with an LG Styler if using it cuts their dry cleaner use in half. Here’s my quick math: 2 adults spending ~$300/month on dry cleaning, or $3,600 per year. The LG Styler costs $1,999 MSRP. Buying the LG Styler and cutting their dry cleaning bill in half means the first year of use they spend about the same to slightly more, between the dry cleaner and the cost of the device. After that, however, they could potentially SAVE almost $1,800 a year. So while the price seems like sticker shock at first glance, the math does make sense if you’re a heavy user of delicate clothing.

Of course, if you run a hotel (or an Air BnB out of your roommate’s room when they’re out-of-town), this is one of those value-added items that are nice to have, plus it’s less likely to burn everything to the ground like a careless guest with an iron.

LG is showcasing their newest LG Styler with higher capacity and smartphone integration at CES, so we’ll be sure to report back if anyone from Gear Diary gets to test it out in person! In the meantime, check out all the things you can steam clean at

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