Professional Slim Laptop Backpack: The Bag That Can Do It All, from eBags

Earlier this year I reviewed eBags Professional Slim Junior Laptop Backpack, and I loved everything from its minimalist approach to carrying your everyday items, to its unique straps, zippers and overall comfort. But for those times where I carry a bit more than just my iPad Pro and a battery pack, I wanted a bit more.

eBags sent over the larger Professional Slim Laptop Backpack, and I have to say, I’m even more impressed.

The first thing you’ll notice about the eBags Professional Slim over the “Junior” version of the same name is the fact that it’s obviously larger in size. Having a 2016 MacBook Pro 15-inch, the eBags Professional Slim fits way better than the snug approach from the Junior model.

If you have a laptop that is over 13″, I have to really suggest this bag over the Junior, even as a daily work carry bag. The sweet thing about eBags Professional Slim backpack is that you can remove the padding in the back compartment of the bag to fit larger devices up to a 17-inch laptop if you’re into that type of thing.

eBags prides themselves on their comfortability not just for the user, but for the products that its bags hold, and courtesy of an air mesh back panel, your backpack won’t wear down your back, yet it will be protected if you accidentally drop the bag thanks to the fully padded laptop and tablet compartments. Another bonus compared to the competition is the fact that the Professional Slim backpack is the L-Zip opening that separates your laptop and tablet from the main compartment which you might hold your pads and other items.

On the front of the bag you’ll get two individual compartments, at the top you’ll get an area you can place your passport, mice, and additional knickknacks that you need readily accessible. Below that, you’ll notice a wider compartment that can easily house your sunglasses, external battery packs, or any items that you don’t want to be crushed or damaged. Since this compartment is also collapsible, if you need more space internally in your bag, all you do is remove the internal pocket and pull down to receive more space for the large main compartment (also called the Adapter garage) of the bag.

Sometimes the little details are missing in bags for me, and the smallest detail a lot of bags fail to get is a simple cup holder. eBags I can comfortably say did not miss the mark in this regard as they’ve included a separate side pocket that allows you to store your water bottle. Now it won’t fit your larger Nalgene wide-mouth bottles, but it will comfortably fit standard normal sized bottles or mugs.

If you happen to have any luggage or plan on doing any traveling through airports, the eBags Professional Slim backpack has a pass-through for your luggage handle so you can breeze through the terminal without anything on your back. And for those of you who travel without suitcases, the straps of the bag actually unclip for storage inside of the pass-through so you can carry the bag like a briefcase. There is truly nothing this bag cannot do for you.

Easily a favorite of mine, and currently on sale for only $119.99, which is a significant cut from its $199.99 price tag, if you use the term “WINTER” at checkout you’ll get the bag for even less…. $79.99! You can pick up the eBags Professional Slim backpack here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: It truly is slim; Zippers are durable and won’t fail you; Large front compartment great for holding items like wallet and keys

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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