SanDisk Stuns with Their Upgraded MicroSD Line Featuring A1 App Performance

It’s not enough that SanDisk has managed to stuff 256GB into a microSD card, they’ve also managed to make apps run from it faster. Check out the new256GB SanDisk Ultra MicroSD with A1 App Performance.

SanDisk Stuns with Their Upgraded MicroSD Line Featuring A1 App Performance

What you basically need to know is that A1 app performance means that the new card is able to “manage random read input-output access per second (IOPS) of 1,500 and write IOPS of 500, so it can quickly open apps and process accompanying tasks, such as audio, graphics, saved profiles and in-app permissions.

What you need to take away from this, is that A1 app performance makes these cards ridiculously fast. Check out this demonstration I caught while at CES …

So now you are wondering where you can get one and how much it will cost, right? These cards will be available worldwide this month for $199.99. This is exactly what I need installed in my Huawei Mate 9!


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