Vinci Reinvents Itself After Successful Kickstarter Campaign

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Vinci Reinvents Itself After Successful Kickstarter Campaign Listen to this article

Fresh on the heels of their fully funded Vinci 1.5 Smart Headphones from Kickstarter back in 2016, Inspero Inc. announces their Vinci 2.0, the first standalone fitness headphones that come complete with 3G, music streaming, voice AI assistant and more.

Vinci Reinvents Itself After Successful Kickstarter Campaign

A second generation device by the AI-focused company, the Vinci 2.0 is geared for every single active person you know. Weighing less than 90 grams, the VInci 2.0 is everything you could want from a pair of headphones, being both sweat proof and lightweight, they also come with 32gbs of local music storage, fitness sensors and trackers built in, but on top of that come complete with 3G cellular compatibility with WiFi and Bluetooth. This is perfect for going out on a run without carrying your phone, which most companies that have been doing headphones for years can’t manage to figure out. For what it’s worth the Vinci 2.0 even sync with Amazon Alexa for additional skills, because what product doesn’t work with Alexa?

Vinci Reinvents Itself After Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Not only that, the Vinci 2.0 are the first headphones on the market with a built-in AI assistant that uses biosensing hardware so over the course of time, the Vinci learns from the user by collecting data like your heart rate, location and even your music preferences.


“We designed these headphones to completely integrate and improve people’s music listening experience,” says David Zhu, CEO/Co-founder of Vinci. “We envision Vinci transforming not only the way people listen to music, but also the way people interact with the world while listening to music. With just a tap or voice command, people will be able to check the weather, get directions, or order a car all through their headphones, making this the easiest on-the-go listening experience — no smartphone needed.”

Vinci Reinvents Itself After Successful Kickstarter Campaign

Available in three modes (Lite, Pro or Supreme), here are the differences between each:

For more information, head over to Vinci’s Site today.

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