The Libratone TRACK+ In-Ear Wireless Adjustable Noise Cancellation Earphones Look Fantastic

I’m a huge fan of Libratone products. Their speakers can’t be beaten and now offer integration with Amazon Alexa. Their Q Adapt headphones are some of the best on the market. Now, Libratone is unveiling the Libratone TRACK+ In-Ear Wireless Adjustable Noise Cancellation Earphones. Their smallest wireless headphones yet, the TRACK+ allow you rock on in isolation from the world.

The Press release says it all:

Building on the popularity of the Q Adapt family of headphones, Libratone today introduces the new Libratone TRACK+ In-Ear Wireless Adjustable Noise Cancellation Earphones, featuring Libratone’s four-levels of pre-programmed adjustable noise cancellation. With an ergonomic, lightweight form factor, the new earbuds are being revealed for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The Libratone TRACK+ In-Ear Wireless Adjustable Noise Cancellation Earphones are ideal for those looking for a lightweight, cord-free audio experience. The earphones are small enough to fit into a pocket while still delivering the sound and active noise cancellation that have made their headphones fantastic. Also, the Libratone TRACK+ In-Ear Wireless Adjustable Noise Cancellation Earphones feature updated ear tips that will allow users to customize their experience depending on the activity. That means the Libratone TRACK+ In-Ear Wireless Adjustable Noise Cancellation Earphones will be just as comfortable for sports as they will for traveling or commuting.

As Uffe Kjems Hansen, Global Product Management Director of Libratone notes:

We purposely design our audio products to offer a smooth user experience that’s synonymous with stylish Danish design, great sound, and ease of use. Users love our adjustable noise cancellation, whether they’re runners wanting to hear what’s around them or commuters aiming to diminish the sounds of nearby travelers.

TRACK+ In-Ear Wireless Adjustable Noise Cancellation Earphones carry a new name and entirely different design, but share DNA with the members of the Libratone Q Adapt family. That means they feature four-levels of adjustable noise cancellation so wearers can decide how much outside noise to let in. The earphones also include a Hush mode to quickly and temporarily silence the music and use the earphones’ built-in microphones to pick up all external sound. That means users will be able to interact with the outside world without the need to remove the buds from the ears. Of course, since these are, in part, designed for sports, the TRACK+ In-Ear Wireless Adjustable Noise Cancellation Earphones have IPX4 water-resistance rating. This sweat-proof design makes them great for active listeners.

Other features include:

  • Newly designed ear tips: with four different sized tips, in addition to specially designed sports tips for athletes, users can find the right fit
  • Sound pass-through: tap the ear piece to boost incoming words through the Q Adapt’s built-in mic, without having to take out the buds
  • Bluetooth +1: Pair together two Q Adapt Wireless earphones to share audio
  • Color choices: Stormy black and Cloudy white

Libratone SoundSpaces: Create a personal cocoon of sound, allowing in outside ambient sounds — a little, a lot, or something in between. You choose. Make a personal SoundSpace shareable by grouping two headphones together.

The TRACK+ make a great addition to a lineup that already includes:

  • Q Adapt In-Ear Earphones with USB-C connector, designed for use with the latest Google hardware devices, without the need for charging
  • Q Adapt In-Ear Earphones with Lightning Connector, the first earphones with adjustable noise cancellation made exclusively for Apple’s Lightning connector port
  • Google-certified Q Adapt On-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, which pair with the new Google Pixel 2 automatically through the “fast pairing” feature
  • Q Adapt On-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones, with an easy-to-use touch interface, four built-in microphones, and phone connectivity capabilities

I love my Libratone headphones and am excited to check out the new TRACK+. They land early this year and will have an MSRP of $199. Check out the entire line of Libratone speakers and headphones here.


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