Finally, a VR Headset That Doesn’t Need a Phone or a PC


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Finally, a VR Headset That Doesn't Need a Phone or a PC Listen to this article

Virtual reality is quickly gaining steam as a mature, mainstream technology. It’s gone from concept to a geeky project to something the everyday person can not only understand, but also utilize and enjoy. Lenovo wants to really bring that to the next level with their Mirage Solo and Mirage Camera, and by including Google Daydream and a whole lot more!

Finally, a VR Headset That Doesn't Need a Phone or a PC

Photo: Chloe Becquet/GearDiary

To that effect, Mirage Solo is a virtual reality headset that runs “Daydream OS”. That is not just a fancy name for a VR operating system – it means the Mirage Solo doesn’t need your phone or a computer to run virtual reality programs. It has 64GB of storage onboard and can support up to 256GB via MicroSD, so you can enjoy plenty of games and movies without running out of space. Plus it comes with wireless connectivity, a 4,000 mAh battery, and even a headphone jack (it’s sad the latter is so rare these days!) Mirage Solo is also the first headset to incorporate “Worldsense”, which allows the Daydream OS to adapt and react to your movements without needing extra sensors slapped on you or your walls. At under $400, this might not be an impulse buy, but if you consider that this offers portable gaming plus a personal theater, that’s actually a steal!

Finally, a VR Headset That Doesn't Need a Phone or a PC

Photo: Chloe Becquet/GearDiary

Of course, virtual reality is more fun if you have some input, and Lenovo is also releasing the Mirage Camera. The Mirage Camera is a point and shoot camera that can record 4K quality video which can be replayed via VR like Mirage Solo. Basically, Lenovo just upgraded your old-fashioned “let’s watch a slideshow of the family vacation” experience into a “let’s relive the best parts of a family vacation like we were really there” event!

The Mirage Camera with Daydream will sport 16GB of internal storage and up to a 128GB MicroSD. It will retail for under $300, but if anything can make the point and shoot cool again, it will be the ability to translate it into virtual reality. Both the Mirage Solo and the Mirage Camera are set to be released in the second quarter, so you have some time to start prepping your wallet and your imagination.

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