Get Moving with the BackBeat FIT 305 Wireless Sweat-Proof Sport Earbuds

I’ve previously reviewed each of the various generations of Plantronics’ BackBeat GO wireless earbuds. When they announced the BackBeat FIT 305 Wireless Sweatproof Sport Earbuds, I was curious to see what Plantronics had done to make excellent wireless earbuds even better. Not only am I impressed but Raina was too. She asked if she could keep my review sample.

Get Moving with the BackBeat FIT 305 Wireless Sweat-Proof Sport Earbuds

From Plantronics:

Enjoy big sound in a small package with the ultra-light and portable BackBeat FIT 300 series of wireless sport earbuds. A sweatproof coating protects the earbuds during workouts, while unique patent-pending, secure-fit eartips make them comfortable for all-day wearing.

Get Moving with the BackBeat FIT 305 Wireless Sweat-Proof Sport Earbuds

The BackBeat FIT 300 series is designed for those who want to enjoy their music on the go. They are light, comfortable, get decent battery life and, thanks to an IPX5 rating, water-resistant.

Get Moving with the BackBeat FIT 305 Wireless Sweat-Proof Sport Earbuds

The military-grade P2i nano-coating means these earbuds are ready for sweat, rain and whatever else you might throw at them.

Inside the box you get the BackBeat FIT 300, a micro USB charging cable, a quick-dry storage pouch, a clip to help keep the earphones stable and secure, small, medium and large ear tips and instructions. The ear clip is an especially nice touch since it not only stabilizes the earphone cord but also helps minimize the noise that might otherwise ride for the cord to your ears as the cord moves while walking or running.

Get Moving with the BackBeat FIT 305 Wireless Sweat-Proof Sport Earbuds

The BackBeat FIT 300 deliver up to six hours of listening time, can maintain a connection up to 33 feet from the audio source, can hold a battery charge for up to six months when in deep sleep mode and weigh just 14 grams. All of this comes together and explains why Plantronics can claim:

You’re always in motion, and need your music to keep up. Portable and ultra-lightweight, these discreet wireless earbuds stay put during active use and take you comfortably from one place to the next.

Get Moving with the BackBeat FIT 305 Wireless Sweat-Proof Sport Earbuds

What is so striking about the BackBeat FIT 300 is that they are so light but still able to get decent battery life. Moreover, it is striking how comfortable and secure the ear tip design is. You get three different sizes of tips and, after trying each size out, can be assured you will not only get a secure fit but you will also find them amazingly comfortable. The design of the tips allows the earbuds to sit flush in the ear. As Plantronics notes, “the patent-pending, occlusive ear tip design blocks out noise and stays secure during active use.” I much prefer the ear tip design of these earphones to the design used on their excellent BackBeat GO 3 earphones.

Get Moving with the BackBeat FIT 305 Wireless Sweat-Proof Sport Earbuds

The cable is a graded cloth material that is thicker than that used on previous iterations of Plantronics earphones with this design. Not only is this “reflective sport-weave cable” tangle-proof, but it also has reflective material sewn into it, so you have increased visibility if you are running at night.

Get Moving with the BackBeat FIT 305 Wireless Sweat-Proof Sport Earbuds

The electronics of the BackBeat FIT 300 is found in a small rectangular box a few inches from the right earbud. It not only houses the electronics and battery but has the volume controls, multifunction on/off/talk button and the microphone. The micro USB charging port is hidden beneath a small door on one side of this controller.

Get Moving with the BackBeat FIT 305 Wireless Sweat-Proof Sport Earbuds

One might expect that having this electronics battery box on one side of the earphones and not the other might result in unbalance earphones. That’s where the “secure 2-in-1 cable clip” comes in. It prevents this from becoming an issue.

Perhaps most importantly, the Plantronics BackBeat FIT 305 sounds fantastic. I’m not hyperbolic when I write that. These earbuds are excellent. Moreover, since these are from Plantronics, it is no surprise that they are great for making and taking calls. The microphone is hidden in the inline controller, but it still delivers HD voice. I was impressed and, as noted previously, Raina was too. These are designed for active use but can easily serve as your on-the-go earbuds regardless of activity.


  • Stability: Unique patent-pending, secure fit ear tips and two in one cable clip provide stability during sport and fitness use.
  • Comfort: Portable and ultra lightweight earbuds with unique patent pending, secure fit your tips minimize pressure points and provide all-day wearing comfort
  • Sweat and moisture protection: Sweat proof coating by IP2and IPX5 rated water-resistance protect the earbuds against moisture from sweat, rain, and spills.
  • 6 mm drivers with occlusive ear tip design: 6mm drivers and inclusive your tip design block out noise and deliver deep, rich sound, whether you are in the gym or out running errands.
  • Portable and discreet: A miniaturized design allows for a portable and discreet form factor that sits flush in your ear.
  • Six hours of power: Rechargeable battery lets you listen with up to six hours of power on a single charge or a 15-minute quick charge for a full hour of listening.
  • Functional style: Reflective sportweave cable provide visibility at night and minimizes cable friction during active use.
  • Storage pouch: A quick-dry mesh storage pouch allows you to store and protect your earbuds from moisture.
  • Up to 33 ft/10 m wireless range: Stream up to33 feet from Bluetooth compatible smart phones and tablets.
  • Connect multiple devices: Multipoint Bluetooth lets you automatically connect up to two devices simultaneously and pair up to eight.
  • Wideband enabled mic: Easily answer calls or access Siri, Google Now or Cortana using inline controls.
  • HD voice: Usually answer calls with wide band enable microphone, compatible with smart phones.
  • Inline controls: In-line controls make it easy to take calls, skip tracks, adjust volume and activate Siri, Google Now or Cortana voice-controlled smart phone assistants.
  • Quick and easy set-up: Easily download and install Plantronics hub for iOS or Android to update your earbuds and enable features such as Find My Headset.
  • Stay charged with DeepSleep mode: Deep sleep hibernation mode maintains battery charge for up to six months when your earbuds are out of range or if the power is left on.
  • Battery voice alerts: Always know how much listening time you have left with battery life voice alerts.

The BackBeat FIT 300 also comes with a six month trial to PEAR+. This gives you access to on-demand workouts and helps the BackBeat FIT 300 become a workout coach in addition to music-delivery system.

I am impressed by what Plantronics did here. Better still, the Plantronics BackBeat FIT 300 series is under $80! You can choose from Dark Blue, Lime Green, Black, and Coral. Check them out here: Plantronics Headsets and AccessoriesGet Moving with the BackBeat FIT 305 Wireless Sweat-Proof Sport Earbuds.

Source: Manufacturer provided review sample of the BackBeat FIT 305

What I Like: Comfortable; Great sounding; Good battery life; Water resistant

What Needs Improvement: Nothing so far

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