Don’t Believe Me? Bing It!

Don't Believe Me? Bing It!

It’s not like you could possibly miss it, but if you were watching  last night’s Hawaii Five-0 episode, then you likely saw the scene where … oh heck, just watch!

Chin Ho Kelly challenges Kono Kalakaua to perform the search while they are looking at a sculpture, when she reaches into her bag and pulls out the LG Optimus 7 — the first time I have seen one in the wild, even if only on TV.

Larry has pointed out Apple’s movie and television product placements, and it looks like Microsoft is taking a page from their book; the one which says: if you place it, people will notice. If they notice it, they will recognize it. If they recognize it, they will buy it.

Is it working? Did you buy a Windows Phone 7 today?

I went into the San Angelo AT&T store to fondle the HTC Surround and the Samsung Focus. They are nice, but the phone I am about to purchase is the T-Mobile HD7. I am testing one out right now, and I like it the best of the three I’ve seen in real life. 🙂

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  • Larry Greenberg

    Funny because Apple products have been a staple on the show (iPhone and iPad) since it began and I’ve included it every week on my Apple On TV post. Guess CBS doesn’t care who the check comes from. 😉

  • Larry Greenberg

    Just watched the episode and spotted another iPad sitting towards the end – guess they’re playing both sides. 🙂

  • Don?t Believe Me? Bing It! #gadgets

  • RT @gadgetfreaks: Don?t Believe Me? Bing It! #gadgets

  • RT @gadgetfreaks: Don?t Believe Me? Bing It! #gadgets