Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite Is the Standing Desk Chair Everyone Needs

Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite Is the Standing Desk Chair Everyone Needs

I bought an L-shaped bamboo-topped standing desk last year. With grand illusions of doing all of my work while standing, I also bought the large Topo Mat to help with fatigue … but after 10 minutes of standing still, my back starts hurting, and I’m back in my chair — gah! And then I got the Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite.

We all know that standing is better for us than sitting. Sitting too much, even if you are otherwise leading an active lifestyle, can still have a majorly negative impact on your health. Studies say that it is healthiest for us to stand at our desks for as much as 45 minutes every hour. Beyond obesity and muscle atrophy, sitting too long can even contribute to increased cancer risks in women.

The researchers also found that excessive sitting was associated with an 18 percent increased risk of dying of cardiovascular disease and a 17 percent increased risk of dying from cancer during the study periods. Sitting for too long was tied to a 91 percent increased risk of getting Type 2 diabetes, and about a 13 and 14 percent increase in the risk of being diagnosed with cancer or heart problems during the studies, respectively.

Among studies that looked at cancer type, sitting for too long was associated with a higher risk of being diagnosed with, or dying of, breast, colon, colorectal, endometrial and ovarian cancers, the researchers found.


So let’s say that, like me, you bought yourself a fancy standing desk that can be lowered to work with a regular office chair or that can be raised for standing. If you aren’t comfortable standing for long periods, you’re going to wind up with the desk lowered and with your butt back in a chair — defeating the whole reason you bought that expensive new desk.

Standing desk owners often lean forward against their desks for support as a subconscious reaction to fatigue. This hunched over position works against the health benefits that adjustable height desks are meant to address. The LeanRite offers an anti-fatigue mat beneath the feet and lumbar support in the leaning position, so the user gains the rest and stress relief they subconsciously crave while maintaining ideal ergonomic alignment and posture.

The Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite is the perfect solution. You can use it to sit, perch on, or lean against — so whether you are standing or occasionally sitting, it can do it all.

Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite Is the Standing Desk Chair Everyone Needs

Now, I’d be the first to admit that when something comes unassembled in a box, I tend to ask Kev to put it together. I did that with my desk, and for half a second I thought about doing that with the LeanRite Elite. However, once I pulled everything from the box, I realized there weren’t that many pieces; because the included instructions looked very clear, I decided to tackle it on my own.

First, I laid out what I had to work with. The main pieces are the seat assembly and the foot base; other parts include two tube covers, a base plate, a lift lever, assorted nuts, bolts, and the tools needed to attach them. You don’t need to have any other tools, as everything is included.

• Product height ranges: 22.5“ – 46.2”
• Base Widest: 18.0”
• Base Length: 30“
• Seat Width: 15.24”
• Seat Pan: 13.11“
• Total Product Weight: 37 lbs.

The first step is to insert the seat assembly into the hole on top of the foot base.

Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite Is the Standing Desk Chair Everyone Needs

You’ll need enough room to lay the LeanRite Elite on its side …

Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite Is the Standing Desk Chair Everyone Needs

… as you’ll have to attach the base plate and four bolts into the bottom.

Probably the trickiest part of the assembly is attaching the lift lever. As I mentioned, the instructions are super clear — you really can’t mess this up.

Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite Is the Standing Desk Chair Everyone Needs

The lever slides into the slot on the rear of the seat. It took me a couple of tries to get the bolt and nut properly situated, but it was not difficult at all.

The last step is sliding the two tube covers on either side of the step closest to the foot base. Once they are together, you’ll use the long screw to attach them.

Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite Is the Standing Desk Chair Everyone Needs

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