Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite Is the Standing Desk Chair Everyone Needs

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Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite Is the Standing Desk Chair Everyone Needs Listen to this article

And just like that, the Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite is ready for use! The LeanRite Elite is made of high-grade aluminum with stainless steel fasteners; the seat is composed of closed membrane integral skin foam; the seat is cushy yet firm. The result is a piece of furniture that feels sturdy, stable, and substantial.

Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite Is the Standing Desk Chair Everyone Needs

The lever on the left side adjusts the seat into one of three positions; it can be flat for sitting, tilted for perching, or straight up and down for support while standing.

Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite Is the Standing Desk Chair Everyone Needs

The LeanRite Elite is made to accommodate people from 4’11” to 6’4”, and maximum recommended weight for users is 270 pounds. If you are under 4’11” or over 6’4″, you can still use the seat, but specific positions may not fit quite as intended. I’m 5’11”, so I fit well within the height parameters.

Here’s my desk lowered and the Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite in its seated position. You might wonder if you can sit comfortably in a chair that has no back support, but it turns out that it’s very comfortable. Having the footpad underneath gives you a solid yet cushy place to rest your feet, but I’ll be honest and say that half the time my feet end up on the bar under my desk — max comfort for me!

Seatbacks are unnecessary and may even be harmful. Seatbacks are modern “conveniences” that force our anatomy into unnatural positions while purporting to correct flaws intrinsic to our bodies. The biggest benefit of not having a back is a user’s ability to sit a little higher than usual, which increases our hip angles. A more open hip angle activates core muscles and helps us keep more of a natural curve in our spine.

Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite Is the Standing Desk Chair Everyone Needs

When you press the foot lever on the bottom of the seat stem, it will raise the seat to a good height for perching your butt, but it probably won’t be quite high enough for back support. You can raise the second height adjustment hidden in the stem with the lever on the right side. It may take a little bit of experimenting to decide what you find most comfortable, but you will find your sweet spot.

We’re all designed a bit differently, so start out in a position that’s comfortable for you and vary the setting throughout the day. You should be able to easily move the seat position from leaning, to perching, to sitting, and also move your knees and feet often. Through regular movement you will maintain the healthiest muscle structure and burn more calories. See the Support section of our website, our user manual, and our YouTube channel for examples of potential positions and corresponding healthy postures.

Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite Is the Standing Desk Chair Everyone Needs

With the LeanRite Elite raised and with the seat in the level position, you can use it as a lumbar support. Sometimes it feels really good to flip the seat into the upright position against my back, as it fits along my spine and gives great support.  You can even turn the whole thing around and lean against it with the seat supporting your torso. There are two wheels on the bottom of the base that make the LeanRite Elite easy to move.

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Shorter people may find their seat difficult to lower at first, especially if it’s fully extended in the uppermost position. Try this: – Stand on the platform, facing the seat – Lean your elbows into the seat pan while applying a bit of downward force – Depress the foot pedal and push down Once the seat is in motion, you can also use the hand lever to assist in lowering it.

The beauty of the Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite is that you can adjust it to whatever position works best for your comfort. And make no mistake about it — comfort and ergonomics are what it is all about. The foot pad is heavily cushioned, and it is comfortable whether I am wearing shoes or standing barefoot — one of the perks of working from home. When my feet do inevitably get a bit tired from standing (it’s still going to happen), I can just lower my desk and then lower the LeanRite Elite to sit for a bit.

Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite Is the Standing Desk Chair Everyone Needs

The price of the Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite is $899, but they are on sale right now for $549, which is about the price of a decent ergonomic desk chair … or, in my case, less than half, because the Embody Chair I bought from Herman Miller was around $1300 (ouch). The Embody is now the chair my office visitors enjoy sitting in while we gab because I am using the LeanRite Elite exclusively now. I’m still “learning” to stand while I work, so I can go for about 30 minutes before I want to sit; this is normal.

Remember, you’ve spent a lifetime sitting! Working upright can feel odd or tiring in the beginning as you build your core. Don’t be discouraged! Depending on your back health and core strength, it can take a couple of weeks or up to a month to adjust. The Ergo Impact App, available for free on iOS and Android, can help you pace yourself. Remember that the LeanRite sit-stand-perch-lean chair has several flexible seating positions. Tune into your body and change positions when your body tells you it’s time to move. Still not feeling the love? Take advantage of our risk-free return policy.

The Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite is easy to assemble, simple to operate, and very comfortable to use. If you have a standing desk that you’ve been guiltily using in the “sit” position more times then you’d care to admit, this is the answer! I love the LeanRite Elite, and it’s now a permanent fixture in my office!

The Ergo Impact LeanRite Elite retails for $899 (it’s on sale now for $579), and it is available directly from the manufacturer. That price includes free shipping, and you can try it out for 30 days to make sure it works as well for you as it has for me.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Easy to assemble; A substantial piece of furniture that will hold up over time; Multiple ways to use it — chair, perch, and as back or torso support while standing; Costs the same as a decent ergonomic chair, but much more flexible; Allows me to properly use my standing desk without fatigue; Comfortable; Wheels on base make it easy to move as needed

What Needs Improvement: Nothing — it works as advertised

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