Flo HomeProtect Will Reimburse Your Insurance Deductible for Major Water Damage

Flo HomeProtect Will Reimburse Your Insurance Deductible for Major Water Damage

Flo is an all-in-one security system that detects micro-leaks and other vulnerabilities in your home’s water supply. Perry reviewed it last month and found that it was able to detect even the smallest of leaks in his home’s water system. Now you can get Flo HomeProtect which will reimburse your insurance deductible if your Flo-equipped home suffers major water damage.

When Perry reviewed the Flo Leak Detection System, he said:

Here’s the thing with Flo: it works. While we haven’t had any serious leaks, luckily, Flo did warn us of a leak that turned out to be a running toilet. As soon as we jiggled the handle and it stopped, Flo noticed and alerted us that the issue was resolved. Although it wasn’t a major issue, this confirmed to us that Flo can sense very small issues and bring them to your attention. I do have peace of mind leaving the house for a long vacation in the winter knowing that Flo is home keeping an eye on the place.

Now Flo HomeProtect will give you even more peace of mind. For $5 per month, Flo users will get an additional layer of protection which includes:

• A water damage prevention guarantee: Flo will pay up to $2,500 for out-of-pocket homeowner’s insurance deductible
• Proactive Monitoring by Flo’s experienced support team, as well as Live Chat Support
• Access to Flo’s Water Concierge to answer questions about your home’s water system and help resolve water and plumbing issues (whether or not the issues involve the Flo System)
• An extended 3-year product warranty
• Access to enhanced analysis and information about water usage, including usage per water fixture (currently in beta)
• A Flo Certified Letter for Insurance that may help reduce monthly homeowners insurance costs (depending on your insurance provider)
• Access to the Flo Standard Plan, which comes with every Flo device purchase

To celebrate the introduction of Flo’s first of its kind HomeProtect financial guarantee, Flo is offering to “reimburse customers $150 towards the cost of plumbing installation for their Flo Device purchased between June 12 and June 17, 2018. New customers do not have to sign up for HomeProtect to be eligible for this promotion.”

Water damage is the leading cause of preventable homeowner’s insurance claims every year, costing over $9 billion annually. We’ve analyzed the results from our diverse customer base and proved our initial hypothesis: The Flo System’s proactive technology helps dramatically reduce the likelihood of water damage. With this data, we can now stand behind our customers in an unprecedented way. We are so confident in the Flo system that we will refund customers’ deductibles in the unlikely event their Flo-equipped home suffers major damage that Flo should have prevented. We are excited to offer our customers this added layer of protection as we further Flo’s mission of preventing costly water damage and water loss. – Gabriel Halimi, CEO and Co-Founder of Flo Technologies,

If you worry about water leaks, or if you’ve ever received a shockingly huge water bill due to a running toilet in a seldom used bathroom (that happened to my mom), you’re going to appreciate the savings and peace of mind that Flo delivers. Check out Flo and the new Flo HomeProtect service here.

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