KnewKey Rymek Bluetooth Keyboard Is Retro Coolness

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KnewKey Rymek Bluetooth Keyboard Is Retro Coolness Listen to this article

Many times I sit at my computer and type on the keyboard and I remember back to the days of my youth, hammering away at the keys of our old manual typewriter. KnewKey has debuted the Rymek retro-style mechanical keyboard that brings back a bit of that nostalgia without the muscle ache.

KnewKey Rymek Bluetooth Keyboard Is Retro Coolness

KnewKey Rymek keyboard/Images courtesy KnewKey

The Rymek is styled just like an old manual typewriter but without the loud clang of the keys or the messy ribbons. The paper roller knob is the volume adjustment, and the carriage return lever is the switch to change between wired and Bluetooth modes. Oh yeah, this new retro keyboard is Bluetooth and features a rechargeable 2000mAh lithium-ion battery so it will work cordless as well. There is a holder for a smart device or tablet, or you can pair it with your home or office computer. It works on Mac and PC computers, and it is compatible with iOS and Android. While it is not as compact as some of the tablet case keyboards you may be used to, it can be packed into a laptop bag or backpack for portable use, just get ready for the odd and envious stares when you take it out and begin typing on it.

KnewKey Rymek Bluetooth Keyboard Is Retro Coolness

KnewKey just launched Rymek on Indiegogo and have already done quite well on funding. They sent me a review unit, and I have been having a great time writing my automotive reviews on it as well as this piece. It does not require much keystroke pressure, and there is adjustable LED backlighting for the keys. The battery life seems excellent for both active use and standby modes as I have yet to run it down after more than a week since the last charge. The Rymek can be paired with up to three devices and switched easily between them. Its body is made of durable ABS that is covered in primer, paint, and piano lacquer for a rich finish. It is available in classy black with rose keys or caramel white with tangerine keys. My initial testing found the keyboard going into a standby mode after a few minutes, and KnewKey advised that will be increased to 10 minutes for production units.

KnewKey Rymek Bluetooth Keyboard Is Retro Coolness

Initial pricing for the KnewKey Rymek retro mechanical Bluetooth keyboard is $99 to preorder now with general shipping to begin in August. More information can be found On Indiegogo or their site.

KnewKey Rymek Bluetooth Keyboard Is Retro Coolness

Those of you who fancy yourselves novelists will absolutely love the feeling of nostalgia you get when using the KnewKey Rymek keyboard. All I need now is a tweed jacket and one of my dad’s old pipes … and perhaps a wool scarf.

KnewKey Rymek Bluetooth Keyboard Is Retro Coolness

Source: Review sample provided by the manufacturer

What I Like: Retro styling; Clean design that is executed well; Flexible use options.

What Needs Improvement: Honestly, just the user manual — make it a bit easier to read and provide more detail, but otherwise, the Keyboard performs flawlessly

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