U-tec Unveils U Home, a Personalized Home Ecosystem That Combines Security, Automation, and Convenience

U-tec has just announced its latest creation, U home. This isn’t your typical smart home setup; it’s a personalized ecosystem that combines security, automation, and convenience, turning your home into a hub of smart living. So, what’s the buzz all about? U home wants to be the go-to platform for anyone who wants a hassle-free and powerful tool to amp up their home security and automation. U-tec U home offers a straightforward way to build your personalized smart home suite.

U-tec U home System

The star players in this lineup include ULTRALOQ, the smart lock system; Bright, the smart lighting system; Ulticam, the AI security camera; the Smart Plug, and the Smart Switch. With them, you can create a safe and streamlined living space that adapts to your needs.

U-tec’s U home mobile app turns your smartphone into the central command center for all your smart home devices. With a simple tap, you can access, control, and monitor everything in one convenient place.

U-tec U home System

U home works seamlessly with ULTRALOQ smart locks and other U-tec devices, offering simultaneous control and synchronization. Plus, it plays nice with popular voice control platforms like Apple Home, Alexa, Google Home, and SmartThings.

U home taps into the power of AI and edge computing to deliver a new level of home automation convenience. Imagine arriving home — the system deactivates surveillance, switches on the lights and your humidifier, giving you a warm welcome. And when it’s bedtime, a simple voice command turns off all the devices. Easy, right?

This system has got you covered securely with biometric recognition, cloud security, and bank-level encryption. Real-time monitoring, anomaly detection, and data backup are all part of the package – ensuring a secure smart home experience.

U-tec U home System

ULTRALOQ Bolt Fingerprint Matter Smart Lock

At CES, U-tec will show its latest smart lock, the ULTRALOQ Bolt Matter Fingerprint Edition. This advanced device offers a six-in-one unlocking experience with top-notch security features. Compatible with Matter connectivity, it seamlessly integrates into your smart home ecosystem, supporting Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Apple Home, and Amazon Alexa.

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Key features of the ULTRALOQ Bolt Fingerprint Matter include cutting-edge support for Matter over Thread technology, offering a future-proof experience. With six-in-one unlocking methods, including fingerprint recognition, passcodes, mobile app access, and backup keys, the smart lock provides unparalleled security and flexibility.

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The ULTRALOQ Bolt Fingerprint Matter Smart Lock also offers an extended battery life of up to one year, supporting 8 alkaline cells, so you won’t have to constantly worry about recharging it.

The Bolt Fingerprint Matter ensures secure access management through advanced fingerprint recognition and mobile control, all housed in a stylish and durable design. U-tec’s collaboration with Matter brings a hassle-free experience, allowing you to integrate ULTRALOQ smart locks with other Matter-compatible devices seamlessly.

U-tec Bright

U-tec is also launching Bright, a groundbreaking Wi-Fi Mesh smart lighting bulb without the need for an additional hub. The Bright A19 1100LM offers seamless control with Wi-Fi mesh connectivity, delivering 1100 lumens of vivid brilliance, a choice of 16 million colors, and scene-based group control to create the perfect ambiance.

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This smart bulb integrates with the U-tec Wi-Fi Mesh system, allowing you to connect multiple Bright bulbs throughout your home for enhanced connection stability and a broader control range. The system ensures a consistent, efficient response from all bulbs, regardless of their placement, overcoming the limitations of a single router.

Bright stands out with its impressive 1,100 lumens, surpassing most smart bulbs rated at 800 lumens of brightness. The scene-based group control feature enables you to customize lighting for various activities for an enhanced smart home experience with seamless and immersive lighting.

Beyond conventional lighting, Bright offers health and lifestyle benefits. It supports waking up gradually with increasing light, simulating sunrise as an alternative to a jarring alarm. Conversely, it can help you wind down by simulating sunset, creating a cozy atmosphere for bedtime.

The color-changing capability adds a fun element for parties and events, allowing you to match the lighting to the celebration or mood.

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Bright goes beyond lighting control with practical features. It can sync with the color of the sun throughout the day, providing energizing light when needed and promoting relaxation when it’s time to wind down. For a touch of romance, Bright can set the mood with a button press or voice command, adjusting the lights to match the vibe of the music.

Additionally, Bright serves as a useful notification tool, changing colors based on external factors through the IFTTT service. Whether it’s raining outside or you receive an email from your boss, Bright can provide visual cues to keep you informed.

U-tec U home devices are set to hit the market in February 2024, with Ulticam making its debut in June 2024. The prices seem pretty reasonable, too: $249 for locks, $12.99 for plugs, $22.99 for switches, $15.99 for light bulbs, and $69-149 for security cameras. Matter version pricing will be announced soon.

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