DeadSoxy’s Socks Are a Great No-Show Experience for Low-Cut Shoes

I’m not a huge fan of socks if I don’t have to wear them, especially with low-cut shoes like Vans or TOMS. However, I do not enjoy smelly feet or athlete’s foot so I tend to wear no-show socks a lot. There are many brands that make them, but not all are created equally. And then there’s DeadSoxy.

The company sent over a pair of their socks, and they are awesome.

DeadSoxy’s Socks Are a Great No-Show Experience for Low-Cut Shoes

Based out of Dallas, Texas is DeadSoxy, a brand that makes exclusively designed socks that will compliment your outfit, regardless if you’re wearing boat shoes or boots. The brand focuses on making high quality, stylish designs that look good for every occasion whether it be work, a party, or even just lounging around at home.

  “DeadSoxy is for the modern male who believes that style is a personal form of expression and who knows success is de?ned differently for everyone.” – CEO & Founder Jason Simmons

DeadSoxy’s Socks Are a Great No-Show Experience for Low-Cut Shoes

Created with a unisex fit, the socks I received are remarkably comfortable. Since they are no-show socks, they come with heel grips so they won’t slouch down into your shoes — which is something that I’ve tried and failed to obtain from no-name brands on Amazon. The company launched in May of 2015, and they sold 100,000 pairs of their socks in the first two years. Fast forward to 2018, and they’ve not only sell socks, but they also sell pocket squares and shoelaces.

I absolutely love the no-show socks. They are cut low enough that they are to absolutely not seen at the top of your shoes, and after 5 cycles in the wash, they haven’t stretched out at all. I’m really looking forward to checking out their normal fleet of socks, especially since I wear trippy socks for basketball and working out. DeadSoxy has a deal where you can receive three pairs of no shows for $35; if you’re interested, head over to their site today.

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