Nomad’s iPhone XS Max Cases are Made to Impress

When it comes to good quality leather cases for my iPhone, I don’t bother with any other company that’s not named Nomad. The company sent me over three of their cases for the new iPhone XS Max to review, and trust me, they beat even Apple’s own leather cases.

Nomad’s iPhone XS Max Cases are Made to Impress

First up there’s the standard Rugged Leather Case for the iPhone XS Max. This case has always been part of the Nomad line of leather cases, but this latest version has a bit more of a refined look compared to the model I reviewed last year for the iPhone X. With a minimalistic look and feel, you’ll notice that the rustic brown Horween leather case ages pretty well over time, developing a distinct look over 100 or so days.

The case covers the entirety of the phone, including the bottom which is a huge highlight when compared to Apple’s own cases that leave the base of your smartphone open to scratches and the elements. I don’t know about you, but since mine is a $1500 iPhone, I don’t want any part of it exposed; I appreciate that Nomad covers the entire phone. The Rugged Case, unfortunately, is on backorder right now (because it’s that awesome, let’s be honest), but is normally priced at $44.95.

Next, there’s the Rugged Folio. Essentially the same case for the iPhone but with a cover for the front of your device, the Rugged Folio gives you three card slots and a cash slot so you can avoid having to carry your wallet with you. Typically, I’m not a huge fan of having everything in one place (wallet/cards/phone can spell a recipe for disaster for someone like myself), but unlike other wallet cases that I’ve used in the past, the Nomad Tri-Fold not only ages well, but the spine of the folio isn’t super flimsy after extended use, making it sit awkwardly over time. The raised TPE lip of the Folio prevents your phone from being scratched when dropped, and it keeps cards from coming into contact with your screen, which can leave hairline scratches.

Finally, on the docket is the Rugged Tri-Folio. Now I have to admit, when I initially put the case on my phone, I couldn’t see how practical would it be for my use. I tend to always have six cards with me at all times, so I couldn’t justify using it daily until Jess showed me that I was using the case completely wrong. Not only did she make me embrace minimizing the number of cards that I carry, but she showed me that I was indeed folding the case wrong for two whole days. With four card slots and two cash slots, it’s a great case for your “carry-all” purposes, even more than the normal Folio. I’ll give you a use case-use example: So when at the bar, I tend to pull out my phone and check scores on Football Sunday and occasionally take phone calls. With a normal folio, your cards are exposed and anyone can just take a glance, but with the tri-fold this is avoidable. Now I will say, taking photos is a bit of a hassle with this case and so is putting it in a car dock, but outside of that, this is my favorite of the three cases. The tri-fold is also on backorder until November 1st, but it is normally priced at $79.95.

For more information on the Nomad cases for the iPhones XS Max, you can head over to Nomad’s site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: The Tri-Folio is personally my favorite, with the Rugged being my daily driver; Horween leather that gets better with regular use; Multiple styles for all of your phone carry needs

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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