Sleeep Earplugs Let You “Enjoy the Silence”

Let’s face it; there is little more important to your health and mood than a good night’s sleep. Sometimes that means having access to a good pair of earplugs. I  Prices start at under $40.

Flare Audio describes the Sleeep Earplugs this way:

Sleeep is a new sleeping earplug designed with our ground-breaking technology. We block sound using metal, rather than absorb sound like traditional foam earplugs. There are two models; Sleeep, which comes in Natural Aluminium and Silver Pink and Sleeep PRO, which is available in titanium.

Sleeep are made from aerospace aluminum and have an MSRP of $38.92Theyhe come in either Aluminum or Silver Pink. The Sleeep Pro is made from grade 5 titanium, and they have an MSRP of $64.88. They are “especially good for attenuating lower frequencies.”

Both models come with an assortment of super-soft and durable memory-foam tips the company refers to as “Earfoams.”

Introducing Sleeep: A truly tiny earplug designed especially for long and uninterrupted nights sleep.

The “Snoozers,” Flare Audio’s previous offering in this space is significantly larger than the new Sleeep. This new offering has Noise Blocking technology, and they use a metal core to block sound rather than simply absorbing it the way traditional foam earplugs do. As Flare explains:

[The Sleeep’s] slimmer core and more ergonomic shape means it’s much easier to fit and remove for the smallest ear canals. The metal core has been rounded to aid fitment and offers a more discreet fit.

In the box, you get two metal cores, one for each ear, a carry pouch and an assortment of Earfoams. There are four Earfoams of each size. That might seem odd at first but, once you discover how the Sleeep earplugs are designed, it makes sense. You determine which size Earfoam is right for you and then push one of them onto each side of each metal core. That lets the Sleeep go from this…

….to this…


…to this.

As you can see, once the two Earfoams are in place, the metal core almost entirely disappears. It is there to hold both Earfoams in place and to block the sound but is not exposed. That’s a good thing since the metal core is hard and the Earfoams are, of course, quite soft.

Why one might ask, does the design require there to be an Earfoam on each side? Quite simply, this design means the Sleeep not only sit comfortably in your ear, but they are also comfortable if you have them in and rest your head on your pillow. Most of the earplugs I have tried to use at night are comfortable enough, but the Sleeep are heads (and ears) above them. In fact,

Sleeep has been specifically developed as a sleeping aid. They’re dual tipped with newly developed pillow-soft tips (Earfoams) which are not only more durable, but also much more comfortable to sleep in.

Of course, if you use the Sleeep regularly, the Earfoams will eventually deteriorate, That’s why Flare offers Earfoam replacement sets for under $20.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was initially underwhelmed when I opened the package. I saw a collection of Earfoams that looked like what would come with a pair of decent earphones, a small pouch, and a tiny piece of metal. They didn’t look like any earplugs I have ever seen. Once I determined which size Earfoam was best for me and positioned them on the metal core, the Sleeep looked like the product I had envisioned.

I put them in my ears and was impressed with just how comfortable they are. They fit well but don’t put too much pressure on the ear canal. I immediately noticed that, unlike other earplugs I have used, the Sleeep didn’t block all the sound in the room. They did, however, decrease the sound significantly and allowed me to be more focused on my thoughts. The real “magic” of the Sleeep revealed the first night I tried to sleep with them. Most earplugs become uncomfortable when you lay your head on a pillow. The pressure from laying down pushes the earplugs further into your ear and after some time becomes rather uncomfortable. By having Earfoams on both sides of the metal post, the Sleeep avoid this problem. They are, in fact, incredibly comfortable … and they work. They block out enough sound to let me fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. My only complaint is that most nights I have used them, I awoke to find that one of them had come out during the night. I found the missing earplug but worry that some day one of them will go missing.

I’m pretty happy with the $38.92 Sleeep earplugs. They are comfortable and work well. I’m curious what the difference is between this version and the $64.88 Sleeep PRO, so I may eventually need to purchase a pair to make a comparison. Check both out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample of the Sleeep earplugs

What I Like: Small; Comfortable; Come with three different sizes of Earfoams; Work well

What Needs Improvement: Often find that one fall out overnight; Not for use at concerts but specifically designed for sleeping

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