Thermacell LIV Smart Mosquito Repellent System: Getting Ready for My 2nd Mosquito-free Summer

Thermacell LIV Smart Mosquito Repellent System: Getting Ready for My 2nd Mosquito-free Summer Listen to this article

Last year, the Thermacell LIV Smart Mosquito Repellent System changed my outdoor experience. I am a magnet for mosquitos, and, in the past, they have made my backyard experience rather unpleasant. The LIV system changed that and created two mosquito-free zones. This season, thanks to a few additional repellers, I’ll have the entire backyard protected, whether I’m swimming, eating, or simply hanging. Let’s dive in.

My original review offers a full explanation of the Thermacell LIV Mosquito Repellent System and why you might want it; you can read the full review here.

Before diving into the changes I’m making to the system, though, let’s quickly review what makes this system different.

Thermacell LIV

The heart of the LIV system is the Thermacell Repellers.

Each Repeller holds a cartridge containing a 5.5% metofluthrin formulation that, when used in the Thermacell LIV Smart Mosquito Repellent System, provides extensive area mosquito protection.

The active ingredient in the repellent is invisible and scent-free. That means you don’t need to spray chemicals on your skin or have candles burning. It is safe for people and will repel all types of mosquitoes, including those that may transmit Encephalitis, Chikungunya, West Nile Virus, and Zika Virus.

Thermacell LIV cartridges

Each Thermacell LIV repellent cartridge offers up to 100 hours of protection.

As I explain in the review, a heating element in the LIV repellent activates the chemical in the repellent and releases it into the air. When on, each Repeller can cover an area of up to 20′ in diameter with the Repeller in the center.

Thermacell LIV hub

A Hub controls the repellers, and each Hub can manage up to five repellers. That means you can daisy chain one Repeller after another, with each 20′ area of protection overlapping the next.

The repellers are connected to either the Hub or another Repeller using the included cable, and once set up, the system can be left in place year-round.

The Hub connects to your home WiFi network and, thanks to a free iOS or Android app, can be controlled remotely. That’s ideal since it means you can turn the system on from the comfort of your home, and then, when you go outside a few minutes later, the area will already be protected.

Replacement cartridges for the system are a bit pricey, so you’ll only want to run the LIV system when you need it. Thankfully, you won’t need to rely solely on your memory, as the app offers an auto-shutoff timer!

That’s a quick overview of the system, but, as noted, you can find a more detailed explanation in the full review.

Last Year’s Setup

The author's backyard

My backyard has a pool with fairly extensive decking on three sides. The fourth side has gravel that extends to a fence on the edge of a steep drop down to a small brook. The brook means we have the potential for a hefty number of mosquitos buzzing around, making life unpleasant.

The author's backyard and pool

We have a couch and seating near the house, while at the far corner of the pool, we have a dining set. Since the system I was sent contained only one Hub and five Repellers, it wasn’t enough to cover both areas, so I purchased a second Hub and an additional Repeller.

That gave me two LIV “zones,” with each having one Hub controlling three Repellers; one zone protected the dining area, and the second zone covered the seating area.

Locations of Thermacell LIV in the author's backyard and pool area

This is what the system looked like last summer; each orange circle is a Repeller, while the magenta circles are the Hubs.

I remeasured the backyard and realized that the addition of two Repellers would be enough to completely encircle the pool, as well as the dining and seating areas with protection. Thanks to Thermacell, the additional Repellers and a set of cartridge refills arrived the other day.

Thermacell LIV hub

Because the daisy chain needs to begin with the Hub and extend from there, I relocated the Hub that controls the seating area to the spot where I keep our grill and smoker. There is an outlet right there, and while the Hub is currently sitting on the grill, I’ll permanently connect it to the house once I know I’m satisfied with the setup.

I placed the first Repeller next to the Hub, and a second Repeller sits next to the couch. The distance between them is a bit more than I would like, but it is still within the 20′ diameter range for each Repeller.

A Thermacell LIV in the author's backyard greenery
Repellers 3 and 4, the new Repellers, sit inside a bed of pachysandra and close the circle around the pool.

Once these four Repellers were in place, I realized there was a hole toward the back of the pool, so I moved Repeller 5, which is connected to the Dining Hub, toward Repeller 4 and adjusted Repellers 6 and 7 a bit.

A few minor adjustments to the position of the Repellers, and I had a ring of protection that now covers the entire backyard.

This is what the system looks like now.

Locations of Thermacell LIV Repellers in the author's backyard

There are a few things worth noting.

First, getting the LIV system set up properly for my backyard took a bit of trial and error, but I finally have it arranged to my liking.

Second, the system is a significant investment with a 5-repeller Starter Kit that includes five Repellers, one Hub, and one Repellent pod for each Repeller, costing $899.
Finally, Repellent refills are pricey, with a set of six costing $250.

All that noted, had I not been sent most of my system for review, I would HAPPILY be shelling out the money for it.

Last summer was the first summer I could truly enjoy the backyard without having to slather chemicals on my body or end up scratching all night because I got eaten alive. I love the convenience of turning on the Thermacell LIV system from the inside, and I’m happy that I bought a second Hub and created a two-zone system.

But I love the most that once the Thermacell LIV system is on, I don’t have to think about anything other than enjoying my backyard and pool. And that is priceless.

You can configure and get your own Thermacell LIV system by clicking here.

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