Nomad’s Gorgeous Leather Solution to Protect Your Airpods

If you’ve been waiting on a solid protective case for your Airpods that won’t drastically be bulky in your pocket, yet have a sleek style that will set yours apart from the crowd, Nomad’s announced their Rugged Leather Case for the Airpods.

Nomad's Gorgeous Leather Solution to Protect Your Airpods

Like their Rugged Leather iPhone Cases, the Rugged Leather Case for the Airpods, ?is a two piece case built of genuine, vegetable-tanned Horween leather manufactured in one of America’s oldest tanneries. Nomad is known for their attention to detail on all of its products (no seriously, they really swapped out my Apple Watch leather Nomad band when the stitching seemed to be a bit off) so I’m expecting nothing but great things from the Rugged Airpods case. What’s interesting about this case compared to others we’ve reviewed (and many others on Amazon) is that the case covers not just the bottom of the Airpods case, but the top door where you retrieve your Airpods, which I’ve noticed takes the bulk of scratches. I look forward to seeing what the case looks like over time, building a patina that will surely match my iPhone XS Max.

Nomad's Gorgeous Leather Solution to Protect Your Airpods

Available for $29.95, the Rugged Leather Case for Airpods are available for purchase today over at NOMAD.

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