DreamWave’s Next-Gen Massage Chair Makes Its Debut

Now here’s something we’re dying to get our hands (backs?) on. The DreamWave M.8 Luxury Full-Body Shiatsu Chair sets a new standard in technological luxury with human-like massage feel, Auto-Adaptive Design, heating elements, ionizer, aromatherapy, and chromotherapy, Bluetooth speakers, and more. The DreamWave M.8 is an elegantly designed massage chair that aims to be the highlight of any home.

DreamWave’s Next-Gen Massage Chair Makes Its Debut

With an MSRP of $10,000, the M.8 won’t come cheap, but if the hype is accurate, it could be worth your time and money. Per DreamWave:

With proprietary massage technology and design pedigree, the M.8 has been honed to perfection through the expertise of a world-class designer, a Japanese shiatsu master and DreamWave’s expert software and quality assurance teams. The result is a full-body shiatsu massage chair unlike any other that seamlessly blends luxury and precision creating a singular, transcendent massage experience.

Designed by Ken Okuyama, the M.8 is stunning to behold and features groundbreaking capabilities. The M.8 was inspired by Okuyama’s roots in automotive design with Porsche, Ferrari, and Maserati and features rear-swinging doors to deliver a new level of convenience in massage chairs. Cliff Levin, DreamWave’s founder and CEO explains that “Getting in and out of a traditional massage chair can be a challenge for older users and anyone with back issues. The M.8 is the only massage chair on the market that has successfully addressed this issue.”

DreamWave’s Next-Gen Massage Chair Makes Its Debut

Check out this impressive list of features:

  • DeltaWaveTM massage engine provides robust massage capability and movements of knead, tap, pulse, and roll in a wide range of speeds, allowing simultaneous pneumatic and mechanical intensity adjustments that offers an accurate massage experience at any intensity setting.

  • Choreographed to perfection and refined to feel human, theM.8 offers a wide variety of movements like “delta knead,” and “delta tap” which constantly changes the rate of movement to imitate the professional human hand massage experience. An ultra-slow tap creates a “pressing” sensation while a proprietary “breathe” sequence allows users to match their rate of respiration to the breathing movements of the M.8.

  • MaxTrackTM seat and back massage track geometry conforms to the user’s body and offers independent adjustment of back, legs, and seat.

  • Auto-Adaptive DesignTM and Shiatsu Point Locator personalizes the massage and automatically adjusts to user height then detects shoulder position before a massage begins. Using the scanned data, the M.8 focuses on the shiatsu points of the back and glutes specific to the user’s body, resulting in a customized experience.

  • Heated DeltaWaveTM rollers help loosen muscles and promote improved blood circulation. Additional area heat in the neck, shoulders, foot, palm, back, and seat gently warm and relax the body.

  • Ionizer, aromatherapy and chromotherapy help users drift into their calm zone. Equipped with an ionized air generator and aromatherapy diffuser, M.8 users can enjoy cleaner air and their favorite essential oil scent while being massaged. Additionally, M.8’s chromotherapy function displays a range of soothing colors, adding a hypnotic visual element to the experience.

  • Patent pending, and proprietary rear-swinging door design allows for ease of entry and exit. 

  • Bluetooth Speakers integrated into the headrest of the chair, allow users to connect their devices to play music, relaxing tones, or guided meditations to enhance their experience.


While making its debut at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, the DreamWave M.8 has been recognized as a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree. Check them out for yourself here.

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