Samsung’s 146-inch ‘The Wall’ MicroLED TV Can Literally Grow with You

Samsung’s 146-inch ‘The Wall’ MicroLED TV Can Literally Grow with You

photo: Chloe Becquet/GearDiary

Think that a 100 inch LED TV is impressive? Well, 146 inches would wipe the floor with 100 inches any day. And Samsung has just stepped up the game by introducing a 146-inch MicroLED TV, AKA The Wall at CES.

Samsung’s 146-inch ‘The Wall’ MicroLED TV Can Literally Grow with You

MicroLED is a self-emitting display technology that doesn’t require a backlight, yet it still manages to offer exceptional contrast, brightness, deep blacks and nearly perfect viewing angles. But in addition to offering a visually stunning picture, the MicroLED TV is also modular. That means that you can add or remove modules that will allow you to make the TV smaller or bigger – all without impacting the display’s performance. Oh, and the TV’s design is stunning in itself.

8K Q9S

8K Q9S. Photo: Chloe Becquet/GearDiary

In addition to the MicroLED TV, Samsung also unveiled their Q9S with artificial intelligence powered upscaling. For Samsung, 2017 was all about QLED and about having best picture regardless of the environment; that meant more realistic color and 100 percent color volume. For 2018, Samsung is focused on bringing picture quality to the next level with AI technology being used to help enhance picture quality.


The 85” Q9S is the first of their TVs to pack in artificial intelligence. To that effect, it’s able to continuously learn from itself to intelligently upscale the resolution of the content it’s playing. That means that it’s able to take just about any piece of content and upscale it to 8K!

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