Wagz Will Keep Your Dog Where She Needs to Be Without Shocking or Scaring Her

CES may be the home for various gadgets, drones, foldable phones, and roll-up televisions, but if you’re a pet owner, there are plenty of items aimed at you and your four-legged friend as well. Wagz has three new items, the Explore Smart Collar, the Go-Smart Door, and Roam’s Smart Shield.

The Wagz Explore Smart Collar is the only smart collar on the market that allows you to set boundaries for your dog while humanely containing them to the confined area. Rather than a jolting shock, “your dog will receive gentle ultrasonic and vibrational deterrents when moving outside that area to keep her fenced in.” This is perfect for homes that don’t have gates or for off-leash pets who tend to roam a bit too far. Do you want your pet to run, just not run away? This is what the Explore Smart Collar can give you. Available for $495, it also includes a virtual key that will lock and unlock the Go Smart Door.

The $549 Wagz Go Smart Door is the perfect way to let your pet out with your phone. I know for a fact once my wife and I buy our home, this will be a must-have on our list. Having a pet that’s active, you want to be able to allow them to roam and go, but safely. With the Go Smart Door, you can let your dog out when nature calls, even when you’re not at home.

The Wagz Go Smart Door is an automatic dog door that allows you to recognize any of your dogs, sends you alerts of their activity, and comes with a built-in Motion light. For those wondering about security, the Go Smart Door has secure entry and exit, as it will only open for your pet, and it will shut completely with a secure flap lock. The Go Smart Door is available for purchase now.

Finally, there’s the $49.99 Roam Smart Shield, which creates a virtual no-go zone that allows your pet to stay away from places that are off-limits; the Roam Smart Shield is perfect for when you don’t your pets in your formal living room, for instance, or on the couch.

Roam Smart Shields use your Explore Smart Collar to create invisible gates around your home that keep your pup from going where they’re not supposed to. Want to keep your dog off the couch? Use the Wagz app with the Roam Smart Shields to create an invisible gate around your furniture. The Explore Smart Collar will deliver a humane, shock-free correction whenever your dog gets close. Shields slide seamlessly into your furniture and can be secured to hard to reach places using tape or Velcro.

These new products will be available on the Wagz site and on Amazon early this spring.

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