WESN Samla on Kickstarter: A Friction Folding Knife That’s Both Beautiful and Useful!

Small knives are arguably the most useful pocket item you can have. They can do everything from slicing up an apple to whittling little figurines or cutting you loose if you get stuck in some vines. Admittedly, of these, slicing the apple is probably (hopefully) most likely what you’d need a small knife for, but we don’t judge here at Gear Diary. Go ahead and whittle to your heart’s content. In any case, if you need or want a new knife for everyday carry, check out the WESN Samla; it’s now live on Kickstarter!

The WESN Samla is a friction folding knife, meaning no mechanism pops it open; it just folds and closes manually. It’s designed to be an all-around camping knife, keeping your pack light but giving you a tool that’s useful anytime you need a sharp edge.

WESN Samla

The handle will come in either wood or titanium, and the blade length of 2.45″ should keep it within the legal to carry knife limit in most places, making this a perfect everyday carry knife!

WESN Samla

You can back the WESN Samla on Kickstarter for a pledge of $59 for a rosewood handle or $74 for a titanium handle, which is a 46% discount off the MSRPs of $110/$135.

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