Lenovo Takes External Monitors Mobile with the ThinkVision M14

Lenovo makes excellent computers, and they have every possible area of mobile computing power covered between laptops, convertibles, and Chromebooks. Now they’re adding to their mobile domination with a portable monitor, the ThinkVision M14.

Lenovo Takes External Monitors Mobile with the ThinkVision M14

If you need additional screen real-estate when you’re working on your laptop, the ThinkVision M14 monitor is a simple and inexpensive way to get just that. It’s thin, light, and extremely portable, yet it gives you a 14” full-HD, IPS display (300 nits), and it will even prevent eyestrain from blue light. You can tilt the angles of the monitor for the best viewing experience, and the screen is only really bordered on one side.

Lenovo Takes External Monitors Mobile with the ThinkVision M14

With a USB Type-C port on either side (so it will work for right- and left-handed users), you’ll appreciate that both USB Type-C ports support power and video delivery simultaneously from a single port. If you need to regularly keep it with you in your backpack or briefcase, you’ll especially appreciate that it weighs ~1.3 pounds and it is just 4.6mm thin.

Lenovo Takes External Monitors Mobile with the ThinkVision M14

ThinkVision M14 Specifications

Panel: 14” IPS Anti-Glare, touch compatible
Resolution: 1920×1080
Borderless: 3-Side SNB
Color: Gamut NTSC 72%
Response time: (GtG) <=6ms with OD
Brightness: 300nit
Stand: Tilt, lift
Port: USB Type-C x 2
Buttons: 4 Power, Up, Down, Low blue light
Kensington Lock: Yes
Monitor Height Adjustment: Yes
Cable: USB Type-C to C
Accessory: Cover
Power: External
Eye Comfort: Yes, Low Blue Light

Even more impressive? The ThinkVision M14 will be just $249 when it ships, which is a very reasonable price for a portable monitor that can double as a USB-C hub while you work!

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  1. Bryan Eley | March 3, 2019 at 8:04 am |

    This would be a real boon to mobile workers (thinking of myself at the moment 🙂 ) with the right hardware. I like how the stand doubles as a dock/hub capabilities with simultaneous power/charging–very handy indeed!

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