Celebrate Spring with the Master & Dynamic MW07 Cherry Blossom Special Edition

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One of the best sets of wireless headphones to come out of CES this year was the Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earphones, which Greg recently reviewed. If you’re ready to put away winter’s darker colors, enjoy fabulous sounding audio, and to celebrate the cherry blossom festivals occurring worldwide, the new MW07 cherry blossom special edition should do the trick.

Celebrate Spring with the Master & Dynamic MW07 Cherry Blossom Special Edition

As Dan wrote during CES:

The MW07 measure 25 by 22.2 by 28.3mm and weigh just 76 grams each. They are made from handcrafted acetate and come with a stainless steel charging case. The fact that the earphones are handmade may sound like a minor, unimportant detail, but it translates to the fact that no two pairs of earphones will be the same.

Greg had this to say in his review:

They sound incredible, the quality build is leaps and bounds better than ALL of the competition (you heard it here first), and more importantly, you get what you pay for. Audio fidelity is certainly a thing with the MW07s, giving you a truly submersive sound when listening to anything, from phone calls, music, you name it. I’m so sold on them, I’ll go to lengths of saying they will be in the top five truly wireless headphones in 2019… in January.

Like the original Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earphones, the cherry blossom special edition is made of premium handcrafted acetate with 10mm Beryllium drivers. The caressable stainless steel charging case gives three additional charges, and the earphones “offer best-in-class Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, superior comfort, and personalized fit, all accomplished in a slim, close to the ear form factor.” The MW07 earphones also include optical sensors that detect when the earphones are removed from your ears to automatically pause the music until they are reinserted, quick pairing with a 20+ meter range of Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, and silicone “Fit Wings” to make sure that they properly fit and stay in your ears.

Celebrate Spring with the Master & Dynamic MW07 Cherry Blossom Special Edition

Mother’s Day is coming, and the Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earphones would make a fantastic gift. You’re going to need to plan a bit ahead, though. They are available now through April 22nd for $299; after that, like this year’s cherry blossoms, they’ll be gone.

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