AirPower Disappears into VaporPower as Apple Cancels It Quietly

Bad news for the six people still holding out hope: AirPower is dead. Apple announced today that the iPhone/Watch/AirPod charging mat could not be made into a viable product. Also, they needed the manpower to get Apple Card up and running-those chamfered titanium edges don’t design themselves.

AirPower Disappears into VaporPower as Apple Cancels It Quietly

If you were holding out and now need a wireless charging dock, Gear Diary has reviewed devices from Scosche, Satechi, TwelveSouth, Nomad, and many others. It may sting to know that you won’t be able to charge your headphones, watch AND phone all in a perfect, Apple-designed row, but at least there are plenty of other options out there. Heck, you can hit up Ikea and get a desk lamp/charger combo, with the added advantage of also enjoying Swedish meatballs. Your local Apple Store can’t promise you lingonberry jam, can it?

Or you could just plug your phone into a lightning cable like a common plebe. This is a safe space, and we don’t judge you for your charging practices unless you’ve jury-rigged something with a vape battery and jumper cables, in which case we strongly recommend having the fire department on speed dial.

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  1. Love the humor in this one Carly!

    Chi or wireless charging was nice when it or the cable charged the device at the same rate. Now with USB-C and other tech making wired charging faster the idea of wireless charging is kind of pointless when you can get a full charge in 30 min.

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