Morphiis Mattress Is a Customizable Bed in a Box

Over the past few years, I’ve had the luxury of reviewing quite a few different mattresses from higher-end models, to ones you’ve seen on Super Bowl Sunday commercials and even a mattress that converted into a couch. All were great, however, they all tend to just fit the industry standard of just being a bed in a box that is firm, soft, or hard.

What if you wanted more? Now you can have it with the Morphiis Mattress.

Morphiis Mattress Is a Customizable Bed in a Box

The Morphiis Mattress is an all-foam mattress that’s entire premise is YOU, the user, customizing it to fit you and your partner’s sleep. Since we all do not sleep equally, it’s hard to pick a particular mattress for two people. I for one tend to sleep on my side at night, while my wife is a stomach sleeper. So when we shop for a mattress, we tend to just settle on a soft-style mattress to accommodate her sleep because a happy wife is indeed “a happy life”.

Morphiis Mattress Is a Customizable Bed in a Box

The Morphiis is the first type of mattress like this that I’ve seen on the market, so over the past four months I’ve attempted to gauge our sleep on it, compared to what we’ve used previously by alternating our sleep with it compared to the brand we have in our master bedroom, which happens to be the Purple mattress. Compared to the Purple, and even brands like Casper and Leesa, NONE of them are as fully customizable as the Morphiis which is surprising as the Morphiis is a bit cheaper compared to its competition. Starting at $1599 for a Queen sized, the Morphiis is only $895; just knowing that alone makes it worth checking out.

Morphiis Mattress Is a Customizable Bed in a Box

The top of the mattress unzips and peels back so you can adjust the softness or firmness with different inserts.

Obviously, when shopping for a mattress, you can easily be influenced by the various ads you see in newspapers and on television, but what’s most important is being able to test it in person to see exactly how it will fit your body. The Morphiis luckily matches all of its competitors with a 100-night sleep testing period, backed by their complete money-back guarantee if you end up hating it. I received the Queen mattress for our guest bedroom, and 100 days later, I feel as though it may be a keeper. What I’ll attempt to do for this review is to focus on three main areas that my wife and I consider when we discuss mattresses beyond the price: Comfort; Motion Transfer & Mattress Life.

With regard to comfort, the Morphiis Mattress actually does pretty well. Seeing as though the bulk of your lifespan will be spent sleeping, you’ll want to be comfortable doing just that. The unique thing about the Mophiis is that thanks to being fully personalized by the user thanks to its 36 inserts (12 of soft, medium and firm), you can pinpoint where you would like your bed to have a particular configuration. So for someone who has back problems, they may want to use the soft inserts at the head of the mattress and then leave the firmer inserts for the foot of the bed as they are less liable to need them; this worked well for my wife. On the other hand, I felt as though they could’ve sent more inserts. If she uses 8 of the 12 inserts for a particular configuration, this leaves me with little opportunity to customize to my liking which could be hard if you both sleep completely opposite.

Next up is motion transfer. With the Morphiis, one thing my wife and I both enjoy is the bed’s ability to contour to our bodies thanks to the memory foam. Having the memory foam helps a lot with pressure relief, and the Morphiis has been a welcome help to her shoulder pain, as well as my lower back. How I have it set up for myself is to have the medium and firm at my legs and thighs, because as a runner it helps ease the pain after a long run when lying down. This is something that I haven’t found with any other mattress, the ability to use a “set it and forget it” method of just being “firm” or “medium”. The ability to do both works wonders, especially as someone who tends to move a bit throughout the night.

Finally, there’s Mattress Life. It’s stated you should consider changing your mattress every 7-8 years, however, I’ve heard of people going longer. While I’ve been lucky to test a few mattresses in a short time frame, just based off of the Morphiis, I feel like you would be able to add additional years to the mattress just based on the custom inserts alone. When your old inserts become worn, I feel like simply replacing the inserts will come out to be cheaper than buying an entirely new mattress. And seeing as the price for the Morphiis is less than $1000, you could just go ahead and purchase extra inserts with the additional $5-600 you would’ve spent on any other mattress (as long as you have a place to store them), and you would still end up on the winning end.

I love the Morphiis mattress, and the four guests that have spent the night with us since we got it all seem to agree that they enjoy the settings we’ve chosen, as it feels “unlike any other bed we’ve slept on”. That is enough in itself for us.

If you are interested in learning more or purchasing the Morphiis mattress, head to their site by clicking here.

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What I Like: You can adjust firmness and softness through the included foam inserts; Less expensive than many other mattresses, but it may actually last longer because you can replace inserts as needed; Everyone who has tried the mattress said it was quite comfortable

What Needs Improving: Nothing

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