Fishda Double Heads Massage Gun Review: Brings Affordable and Portable Muscle Relief!

The Lowdown

For the price and the number of included accessories, it’s hard not to like the Fishda Double Heads Massage Gun immensely!



  • Variable massage speeds
  • Multiple accessory heads included
  • Easy to swap between options
  • Build quality is excellent
  • Uses USB-C charging
  • Affordable price
  • Long battery life


  • No included accessories bag
  • There is no way to run only one massage  head at a time

Anyone who exercises regularly knows that recovery is a key part of improving. You can’t push forever; sometimes, your body needs to heal. Massages are great, but between covid and the cost, most people aren’t opting for weekly in-person massages, and massage chairs are a luxury suited for the Brookstone in your local mall, not necessarily your living room. Enter the Fishda Double Heads Massage Gun, which offers a way to pummel your muscles into submission without also destroying your wallet or disrupting your home decor!

Fishda Double Heads Massage Gun

The Fishda Double Heads Massage Gun is remarkably generous with accessories. They provide several different massage heads as well as a USB Type-A to USB-C cable for easy charging. I always get excited when devices use USB-C now, especially when they come with a USB-A to USB-C cable if they don’t include a dedicated charger. That makes it much easier to find charging ports on hubs and existing plugs over USB-C on both ends.

The massage heads are really easy to swap; they fit on with a friction fit using rubbery o-rings, and it’s tight enough that they won’t come loose on their own, but they will come off with a bit of force, so it’s easy to change it up as needed.

Fishda Double Heads Massage Gun

I also need to take a moment to highlight the build quality specifically. Fishda says it is made of an aluminum alloy, and it does appear that everything except the power button and the massage attachments is made of metal, giving it a very solid feeling. The Fishda Double Heads Massage Gun clocks in at 1.68 pounds, so while not the lightest tool around, it’s not exactly going to challenge you.

Fishda Double Heads Massage Gun

My shoe vs. the Fishda Double Heads Massage Gun

There’s an array of LEDs that light up when you turn it on by holding down the power button, and shorter presses cycle you through four speeds. The button is rubbery, flush with the bottom, and easy to find and operate without looking. There is also a charge light indicator, so you can tell when it’s completely juiced and ready to go.

Fishda Double Heads Massage Gun Review: Brings Affordable and Portable Muscle Relief!

I also appreciated that the bottom is flat, so it’s effortless to stand the Fishda up on a desk or floor. I had it sitting next to me as I worked at my desk writing this review, and it did not tip or budge, so it’s weighted well to stand alone.

The only downsides to the build are that the USB-C port is open, so you probably shouldn’t sweat into it. Best I can tell, the battery isn’t user-serviceable, but that’s a general complaint about electronics today and not something specific to Fishda.

Fishda Double Heads Massage Gun

As you can see from the array of choices, you can basically target your muscles in any way you need. The smaller heads are actually fantastic if you spend a lot of time in front of a computer and have tight shoulder muscles because while it hurts to get poked by tiny motorized plastic fingers, it really does release a lot of muscle tension.

I found that the flat head and big soft round head attachments better served big muscles. Smaller, tighter muscles responded well to the smaller accessories, but the heads are so easy to swap you can really test everything out and decide what works for you on a given day.

And yes, some of the attachments do make the massage gun look rather….adult….in nature, but if it works to make your sore back or legs feel better, that’s all that matters. Just maybe put it away when company is coming over, just to avoid the jokes.

The Fishda Double Heads Massage Gun offers four different speeds, so you can go from slow and steady to beating the crap out of you, whichever feels best. Obviously, you’d be better off having someone else help if you needed to work your back, but with some creative leaning against a couch, you can reach the middle of your back on your own — just note that at high levels, your entire couch will feel like there’s an earthquake.

Battery life so far has been impressive in that it’s been used for about 10 minutes a day every other day, and it hasn’t shown any signs of being drained yet.

I have a few minor issues with the massage gun that are more complaints than dealbreakers. The company refers to this as pocketable, but unless you’re wearing cargo pants made with TARDIS pockets, you do not fit this into any normal pockets. That’s not really a huge deal, except that it is bulky and comes with a plethora of accessories but no carry bag.

A simple drawstring back to keep it all in one place would be a really nice touch. Right now, I’ve got it in the bottom half of the original box since there’s an organizer tray for everything, but a more compact case or bag would have been quite handy.

Fishda Double Heads Massage Gun

The full accessory kit.

On the other hand, there’s this: this morning, I did 150 kettlebell swings with a 50-pound bell, and a few hours later, the combo of swings and being hunched over the computer really caught up with my shoulders. After five minutes with the Fishda Double Heads Massage Gun, I had no more tightness and felt great. If the tradeoff is a little extra clutter, well, that’s not the end of the world.

My only other complaint? I wish there were a way to run only one massage head at a time if you wanted — sometimes you just want to dig into one really sore spot, and you don’t need the surrounding area getting glancing blows.

Most of my complaints are mitigated by one simple fact: the Fishda Massage Gun is only $169.99, on sale for $149.99 as of this writing. Name-brand massage guns are much more expensive. Triggerpoint makes the Impact, which is fairly consumer-friendly but still clocks in at $199.99, making it $50 more expensive, and it comes with only one massage head.

The Theragun has an incredible community and education base behind it. Still, it also carries a much heftier price tag, starting at $299 and going as high as $599 (and again, only one massage head).

For the price and the number of included accessories, it’s hard not to like the Fishda Double Heads Massage Gun immensely!

The Fishda Double Heads Massage Gun sells for $169.99, and it is available from Amazon.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample.

What I Liked: Variable massage speeds; Multiple accessory heads included; Easy to swap between options; Build quality is excellent; Uses USB-C charging; Affordable price; Long battery life

What Needs Improvement: No included accessories bag; There is no way to run only one massage head at a time

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