Incase’s Textured Hardshell Woolenex for Macbook Pro Protects It While Looking Stylish

If you’re looking for a stylish-yet-effective way of protecting your $1000+ plus investment, look no further than Incase’s Textured Hardshell Case in Woolenex for MacBook Pro is the way to go.

Available in Blue or Red from the Apple Store exclusively for either the 13” or 15-Inch models, Incase has managed to continue to make for great uses of the Woolenex, similar to their Woolenex Icon backpacks, with their premium durable polyester-based fabric that not only feels great in the hand, but even better on your lap. It’s protective as well, as it repels against moisture, mildew and chemicals, so if you accidentally sit your iced coffee behind the back of your MacBook, the moisture from the cup won’t leave a stain on your MacBook cover. Now that’s not to say you should be sitting any form of liquid near your lovely MacBook, but the Textured Hardshell design is built to be resistant against most of the elements, and won’t warp, stretch or shrink over time.


As you can see from the top of the Hardshell it protects the entirety of the top of your MacBook. To the sides like the photo above shows there are cutouts to the sides of the device leaving enough room for plugging in devices into the USB Type-C ports. 

With that being said there’s also enough ventilation at the base for heat release so your laptop doesn’t get hot while sitting in your lap. Also there are nice raised legs to the hardshell case so it is not sitting flush with a desk or countertop. 


Overall, it’s probably the most stylish and protective way that I personally prefer to carry my MacBook Pro these days. Providing both ventilation, and enough drop protection that in the event it fell off a counter there would still be a bit of hope left in it, Incase has done it again with affordable and good looking accessories for the MacBook. What’s more, if you pair this with the Woolenex Icon backpack it will protect, and look even better. 

Available exclusively at Apple, you can purchase the Textured Hardshell case directly from the Apple Store.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Stylish, protective casing for my Mac, offers slight drop protection

What Needs Improvement: May not fit all USB-C hubs that attach to MacBook directly

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