Ventev Toughglass Colorframe: Stylish Protection for your iPhone 6 (Updated)

Since the day I brought my new iPhone 6 home I have had a screen protector on it. And until the other day when I received some new screen protection to review I had not realized just how scratched my original screen protector was. Out with the old, in with the new, in the form of Ventev’s toughglass colorframe.

Ventev Toughglass Colorframe: Stylish Protection for your iPhone 6

Ventev toughglass colorframe/Images by David Goodspeed

The new Ventev toughglass colorframe arrived in a somewhat blingy gold metallic sheen. Those that know me know I am not about blingy. As for the toughglass itself, this 9H rated surface hardness screen protector is the thickest I have ever had on any of my last four iPhones, and to say I was skeptical at first is an understatement.

Ventev Toughglass Colorframe: Stylish Protection for your iPhone 6

Applying the toughglass colorframe is easy enough and everything you need (with the exception of a steady hand) comes in the package. Remove the old screen protector, wipe down the glass with the alcohol pad (included), wipe dry with the supplied microfiber cleaning cloth, remove the backing from the colorframe, and align the toughglass colorframe to the face of your device and apply with gentle pressure. Use the cleaning cloth once again to wipe the slimy fingerprints off the screen you just put there while applying the screen protector, and your device is ready for use.

Ventev Toughglass Colorframe: Stylish Protection for your iPhone 6

The thick Ventev protector works like a champ. No problem touching, typing, or swiping. The colorframe border comes with the necessary cutouts for all of the iPhone 6 technology to operate effectively on its face. The 9H rating makes it shock absorbent and shatter resistant.

Ventev Toughglass Colorframe: Stylish Protection for your iPhone 6

That said, the thickness of the toughglass colorframe is also its undoing to some extent. I attached two different phone cases to my phone with the Ventev glass in place and each case caused the toughglass colorframe to lift at the edges and corners. Surprisingly, the only phone case in my arsenal that would work with the Ventev toughglass is the Ventev regen case I also received recently. The duo work together quite well, but I prefer a phone case with thick bumper-style corners and the Ventev regen case is a minimalist case with no wraparound protection.

Ventev Toughglass Colorframe: Stylish Protection for your iPhone 6

The Ventev “dynamic duo” is the way to go for folks who prefer this style case combined with a thick screen protector. The case itself is clear so the toughglass colorframe becomes the star of the show in this pairing. I wonder if I can get this in Green Bay Packer green and yellow?

Ventev Toughglass Colorframe: Stylish Protection for your iPhone 6

The Ventev toughglass colorframe for the iPhone 6 is $39.99 MSRP and can be purchased on the company website here. Currently it is offered in gold, white, or light gray, and is only available for the iPhone 6 at this time.

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What I Like: Thick screen for maximum protection; easy, bubble-free installation.

What Needs Improvement: The thickness at the edges prevent it from working with all phone cases.

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UPDATE: In full disclosure of my experience with this screen protector I have to share what happened the day after this initial review ran here on GearDiary. I picked up my iPhone 6 from the center console of my daily driver where I normally store it when I am behind the wheel and discovered a small crack at the edge of the Ventev toughglass. I believe it was caused by a small metal flashlight that is also kept in this same small pocket in the console and at some point when putting the phone back in the pocket it made contact with the edge of the flashlight, causing the crack. The Ventev screen protector did just that, protected the screen of my iPhone 6 from becoming damaged as it took one for the team.

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