Into 3D Art? Well 3Doodler Has a Prime Day Sale You Might Like

3Doodler was once a successful Kickstarter campaign that’s found much success thanks to its impressively made 3D Printing products including the first-ever made 3D Printing Pen back in 2013. So the company’s way of giving back is giving customers great Prime Day Deals.

Into 3D Art? Well 3Doodler Has a Prime Day Sale You Might Like

There are four specific Prime Day Deals that 3Doodler has going starting at $39.99, and ALL of the four are less than $100 each, making 3Doodler the most affordable 3D printer available on Amazon’s famous “Prime Day.” The deals are as follows:

3Doodler Create+ Pen Set at $64.99 ($79.99 regular)

The latest version of 3Doodler’s legacy product, the Create+ has been critically acclaimed by reviewers and can print in both plastic (ABS, PLA, FLEXY) and wood filaments.

3Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set at $39.99 ($49.99 regular)

With special kid-safe features including a tip that heats up to only 110 degrees, and biodegradable, non-toxic filament, the 3Doodler Start engages users as young as 6.

3Doodler Create Pen at $49.99

The original 3D printing pen with a bevy of different colors to choose from. It’s sleek and lightweight (like your average high-end ball point pen), with the ability to draw in the air.

3Doodler Star Trek Pen at $49.99

Create your own U.S.S. Enterprise using a 3Doodler pen. It should also be noted that NASA is utilizing 3D printing technology in space, so “space-age” fantasies are now starting to become real technology.

All four look like great products — not only as gifts for someone else — but if you dare be a tad bit selfish, you might even want to purchase one for that inner child in you. Head over to 3Doodler’s Amazon page today for more information.

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