Polaroid’s Amazon Prime Deal Are Worth Taking a Shot At

If you’ve ever used one of those nostalgic Polaroid cameras, you know it’s one of those older pieces of tech that you wish was slightly updated with the times. Luckily this Amazon Prime Day, Polaroid’s latest cameras might be worth adding to your checkout bin.

Polaroid’s Amazon Prime Deal Are Worth Taking a Shot At

Want to take a glimpse into the ’80s but make it a bit more modern? Polaroid is offering 30% off their popular Polaroid Pop Instant Print Digital Camera, as well as 30% off the Polaroid Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera, exclusively for Amazon Prime Day. The Polaroid Pop Instant Print Digital Camera features Polaroids patented ZINK Zero ink printing technology, which is a bit of a step up from the original wait-to-dry versions of the past. A digital point-and-shoot camera is a GREAT way to add a bit of flair to your photography and won’t tie you down to your smartphone in order to send and share photos, as the Pop’s 20 Megapixel camera captures on a beautiful 3.5 X 4.25 prodder format print that you makes this essentially a photo booth in your pocket.

Polaroid’s Amazon Prime Deal Are Worth Taking a Shot At

The Polaroid Snap is your average instant print camera that captures photos using its internal 10-megapixel camera attached to an internal memory card to masterfully capture on-demand photos to hand off to your family and friends with ease.

Why wait for your smartphone to load up its camera app, or risk the chance of missing precious moments? This Amazon Prime day Polaroid wants to be the accessory that you need to truly bring you your favorite moments, instantly.

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