Kaufmann Mercantile EDC (Everyday Carry) – MacGyver Approved

Kaufmann Mercantile EDC (Everyday Carry)

Kaufmann Mercantile EDC (Everyday Carry)

I was a big fan of the show MacGyver when I was younger. It was amazing to watch as week after week MacGyver would find himself locked in a Siberian prison or similarly nasty situation and save himself and others by turning a dinner tray, a toothpick, a paperclip and some string into a hang glider. Okay, maybe he wasn’t THAT good but he was impressive in his ability to take ordinary objects and turn them into the tools he needed. No doubt there were more than a few times when MacGyver would have benefited from having the Kaufmann Mercantile ECD (Everyday Carry) with him. The ECD (Everyday Carry) from Kaufmann Mercantile pulls together a few key accessories that might come in handy in a Russian prison or on a family road trip. It might also come in handy right at home.

What is an EDC? Simply put, an EDC refers to the things you carry every day. These are personally defined items that you find and carry and that are relevant to your own life. “The idea is to keep it streamlined with an eye towards self-reliance,” in other words, you want to carry the fewest amount of items regularly that will do the most for you.

Kaufmann Mercantile EDC (Everyday Carry)

Kaufmann Mercantile EDC (Everyday Carry) Screw Drivers and Pry Bar

The ECD (Everyday Carry) from Kaufmann Mercantile includes one flathead screwdriver key and one  Phillips head screwdriver key. Both are made from black oxide hardened steel. Kaufmann Mercantile proudly notes they are strong enough to take a door off its hinges. (Now it is really sounding MacGyver-esque isn’t it?!)

Kaufmann Mercantile also includes a small pry bar in the EDC (Everyday Carry). It doesn’t look like much but it is a strong little bugger that will easily remove nails, staples and other assorted items that get in the way. The company notes that the 2″ pry bar was good enough that the U.S. Military requested t for their soldiers!

Kaufmann Mercantile EDC (Everyday Carry)

Kaufmann Mercantile EDC (Everyday Carry) Lighter

Kaufmann Mercantile EDC (Everyday Carry)
A waterproof/airtight 1″ capsule lighter that will burn for up to 5 minutes. The lighter is sealed which means water stays out and lighter fluid stays in. It is worth noting this lighter is for quick jobs and should not be on for more than 15 seconds due to it rapidly heating up.

Kaufmann Mercantile EDC (Everyday Carry)

Kaufmann Mercantile EDC (Everyday Carry) Tweezers

Finally the Kaufmann Mercantile EDC (Everyday Carry) includes 2.5″ tweezers. These are good for grabbing splinters, pulling stuck SIM cards and other tasks that require tweezers with pointed tips.

You can purchase each items in the Kaufmann Mercantile EDC (Everyday Carry) individually but buying the full “kit” will save you some money. And while you might not think you need the items that are part of the EDC you never know when you’ll end up locked in a room by pirates, tied up by North Korean spies or asked to tighten the door on a kitchen cabinet!

You can learn more and order yours here, on the Kauffman Mercantile website.

MSRP: $44

What I Like: Bundle is less expensive than buying individual items; Each item is practical and will likely come in handy at some point; All the items can be carried on a single ring (included)

What Needs Improvement: Many will look at the Kaufmann Mercantile EDC (Everyday Carry) and think “Why would I need something like this”?

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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