DokiPal Brings Smartwatches to the Elementary School Set

Technology improvements creep downwards from cutting edge to every day to eventually being aimed at kids. It’s inevitable that as smartwatches become more popular, kids are going to be interested. Doki sees an opportunity here for a way to offer kids what they want while keeping it age-appropriate with their new watch, the dokiPal.

DokiPal Brings Smartwatches to the Elementary School Set

DokiPal offers a number of features that would be impressive in an adult-focused watch. It tracks fitness, is water-resistant, has 4G connectivity, and it even has a smart AI called dokiAsk. dokiAsk is very interesting since it can act as an encyclopedia and answer questions for the wearer. Considering tonight my son asked me why the moon had dark spots, which led to the concept of the earth having an atmosphere and a conversation about why meteorites don’t move at the speed of light, I think something like dokiPal and dokiAsk could save parents a lot of headaches and Googling!

Doki says the watch will be retailing for $179.99, and if you choose the connectivity option it is an additional $9.99 a month. The only colors being offered right now are blue and pink, and I’m not going to make any comments on gender and color differentiation. More importantly, Doki is building in a number of privacy safeguards, as well as geofencing, that notifies parents if a child has wandered outside a pre-set area. There is also what Doki calls “class mode” that disables a number of features so kids are not distracted.

It sounds on paper like Doki has done a good job of cracking how to translate a smartwatch into something that parents feel comfortable giving to kids, and that kids will be excited to use. We’re hoping to take a closer look at dokiPal soon, so keep your eyes out for a review!

You can learn more about the dokiPal by clicking here.

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