Anker Wakey Is a Do-All Alarm Clock That Will Clear Up Room on Your Nightstand

The Anker Soundcore Wakey that I’ve been using over the past few weeks has truly impressed me. As someone who hates clutter, especially wires, the Wakey’s easily one of the best alarm clocks I’ve ever had.

Anker Wakey Is a Do-All Alarm Clock That Will Clear Up Room on Your Nightstand

Now hear me out here: Alarm Clocks to some might be a thing of the past, especially if you are of the mindset that “my smartphone does that”. But lately, I’ve been practicing leaving my phone completely off after 9 pm to just enjoy family time, and honestly, getting some rest. When I lay down I don’t want to get caught up in all of the notifications on my phone simply by looking to see what time it is, and that’s one way the Anker Wakey had been fantastic.

Anker Wakey Is a Do-All Alarm Clock That Will Clear Up Room on Your Nightstand

Anker’s Wakey brings back those memories of my younger years where I would simply have the radio lull me to sleep, listening to “Love Talk & Slow Jams” on the radio, with oldies but goodies. This was when the television would literally “go off” at a certain period, and at that age, you’d just end up watching infomercials, or Christian Gospel pitches.

The Wakey not only comes complete with the typical alarm clock, but it packs a punch with its wireless Bluetooth speaker compatibility for connecting to your devices to play music when you want. Also, there’s a nifty white noise machine if you need to be lulled to sleep with the soothing sounds of things like raindrops or the wind and an FM radio for listening to your favorite channels while laying down.

Anker Wakey Is a Do-All Alarm Clock That Will Clear Up Room on Your Nightstand

But one of the BIGGEST things for me had to be the wireless charger built into the top of the Wakey. Sure, you could plug your cables into the back of the Wakey (there are ports at the back for aux, as well as two USB power ports), but the wireless charging allows you to simply set your device at the top of the Wakey, and when charging you’ll notice a nice blue icon above the time on your Wakey signifying that your device is charging. What I thought was nice is that the raised wireless charger works with many cases, from my Apple Smart Battery Case, down to my Speck StayClear case.

Using the Soundcore app by Anker, you can pair the device to the speaker to do things like setting your alarms, which is great if you want to set the alarm for various days. I typically have it to wake me up Monday through Fridays with a specific customizable sound so I can get up on time every morning. Not only is this better than using my iPhone, but the touch-like buttons on-board the Wakey allow you to tap if you want to snooze your clock in the morning.

Anker Wakey Is a Do-All Alarm Clock That Will Clear Up Room on Your Nightstand

With the FM radio, you can pick from multiple radio stations, setting favorites if you are into that type of thing. I’m not a fan of FM radio and typically opt to just listen to streaming services these days, but the fact that the feature is there is a great addition for those who like to keep up with local stations. In terms of overall sound quality (and as someone who likes bass), I’ve found the Wakey to be great, as I can play music from it, leaving my bathroom door open while I listen to music or podcasts without the need to carry a separate Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom with me.

Anker Wakey Is a Do-All Alarm Clock That Will Clear Up Room on Your Nightstand

Overall, the Anker Wakey has left me thoroughly impressed. I would have never thought that I would ever use an alarm clock again, so the fact that Anker has managed to find a place on my bedside table says a lot. The only issue, though, is that aside from the companion app, the Wakey isn’t that smart. There are no Alexa commands, no access to Google assistant, but even so, there is still much to love beyond being able to tell it to do things like turn off your lights. At $100, it’s a bit on the pricier end, but honestly, it’s one of those purchases you only need to make once, and it’s going to pay you back with convenience and all of the features you will end up using.

For more information on purchasing yourself an Anker Wakey, head over to their Amazon page [affiliate link].

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Fantastic design; FM Radio, alarm clock and the ability to wireless charge; Two USB ports on the back; Aux-in on the back

What Needs Improvement: No smart functionalities

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