Tile’s Latest Bundle Brings Alexa to Your Tracker

In a very interesting turn of events, TILE is partnering with Amazon to offer special bundle deals, featuring Amazon’s own Echo Dot, the third edition with its latest tiles.

Tile's Latest Bundle Brings Alexa to Your Tracker

For $59.99, you can receive the Tile STICKER (four-pack) along with Amazon’s own Echo Dot. With Tile Stickers you can place a tracker on all of your everyday accessories including your keys your wallet. There’s also a bundle that will still get you an Echo Dot, but instead of the Tile Sticker, you receive 2 Tile Slims and 2 Tile Mates for $74.99. Regardless of the bundle, not only can you ask Alexa to find your keys or that Apple TV remote, but you can open up your Tile app to look for the most recent location of said item, or alert them to beep to find. A great holiday gift for family, or an affordable white elephant gift, makes finding anything that much easier by picking up this bundle by tile and Amazon.

For information on the bundles, you can click the links below.

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