Pitaka MagCase Pro for iPhone 11: Protection Without the Bulk

I recently reviewed the Pitaka MagCase for iPhone, the same model case as the one that protected my iPhone X for over a year. I couldn’t see getting an iPhone 11 and not having a MagCase on it; it’s great, but if you need extra protection, you might want to check it the highly-protective $49.99 Pitaka MagCase Pro.

Pitaka MagCase Pro for iPhone 11: Protection Without the Bulk

Pitaka MagCase

The MagCase is great. It is thin and light enough to make fans of minimalist cases happy; it is protective enough to keep an iPhone free from scratches, and it is surprisingly effective at keeping iPhones protected even when they are dropped. The Aramid material used in the construction is tough and allows for fast wireless charging. In addition, it has metal plates embedded inside that let you use any number of different magnetic wireless chargers. It’s a great case, and it has been doing a great job protecting my iPhone 11.

Pitaka MagCase Pro for iPhone 11: Protection Without the Bulk

There are, however, times when you need even more protection than the MagCase can offer. That’s where the MagCase Pro comes in. At $49.99, the MagCase Pro is available for all three of the new iPhones.

Pitaka MagCase Pro for iPhone 11: Protection Without the Bulk

It looks similar to the MagCase, but it is a bit thicker. Like the MagCase, it allows for wireless charging and has embedded metal plates. It offers amazing protection without adding too much weight or bulk.

Among the features that are this case special are:

  • Five layers of protection and defense: The case is specifically designed for full protection and included a number of different materials including a microfiber insert, shock-absorbing foam, premium TPU, and aramid fiber
  • AirPocket Sidebars: AirPocket sidebar zones provide lateral impact protection to reduce the shock experienced in a fall
  • Protective with no added bulkiness: Offers uncompromising protection with a minimalistic profile that is just 2.5 mm or .098 inches thick
  • Anti-slip Side Grips: Side Grip panels ensure a firm grip when holding the phone
  • Bonded Protective Ring for Camera Lens: Enhance protection for the camera lenses without getting bulky
  • Metal Plates Inside: Case is compatible with Pitaka MagMount. There is no need to use adhesive metal plates on your device
  • Wireless Charging Friendly: Metal plates do not interfere with wireless charging
  • Reinforced Bumper Corners: Reinforced bumper corners provide excellent shock absorption capabilities
  • Raised Bezel Offers Lay-On-The Table Protection: Case rises 1.6 mm above the screen offering added protection
  • Microfiber Cloth Liner: Protects the phone’s back against the scratches
  • Airbag Corners Safety Zones: Help dissipate any impact forces experienced by the phone when it is dropped

Pitaka MagCase Pro for iPhone 11: Protection Without the Bulk
The MagCase Pro is great when you need added protection. It has the features I love in the MagCase — allowing wireless charging and magnetically connecting to compatible wireless chargers — but it adds significantly to the protection it offers.

Pitaka MagCase Pro for iPhone 11: Protection Without the Bulk

Pitaka makes an awesome charger that connects magnetically. (Review coming soon.)

At the same time, the MagCase Pro is protective without being overly boxy or bulky.

Pitaka MagCase Pro for iPhone 11: Protection Without the Bulk


  • 5 layers of defense to provide the ultimate protection.
  • Protective yet not bulky. Only 0.1″ profile.
  • Specially-designed bumper corners provide excellent shock-absorption.
  • Shock-resistant back protects the phone against shock.
  • Anti-slip grip ensures a firmer hold when carrying the phone.
  • No interference to WIFI, GPS, Apple Pay, Wireless charging or your signals.

Pitaka MagCase Pro for iPhone 11: Protection Without the Bulk
I’m such a fan of the MagCase, that I ordered one as soon as I placed my iPhone 11 pre-order. It’s my daily driver, and it made the move from my iPhone X to my iPhone 11 seamless. The MagCase Pro is clearly “related” to the MagCase, but it goes further in the protection department. As someone who loves minimalist cases, I prefer the thinner, lighter MagCase. Still, I’m going to a conference in DC this Sunday and will be putting the MagCase Pro on my phone. After all, you can never be too careful when traveling and swapping. bit of bulk and weight for added protection is a reasonable trade-off.

If you need a case that is protective, permits wireless charging, can be held by magnetic wireless chargers and isn’t overly boxy this may be the case for you. Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Reasonably priced; Highly protective; Permits wireless charging; Metal plates embedded in the case

What Needs Improvement: Bulkier than the MagCase which is still my personal favorite. But your mileage may vary

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