Moshi Has Stylish & Functional Cases for Your New iPhone 11

Moshi makes cases that not only look great on your devices, but they will protect them from the elements and even a potential fall. I had the opportunity to check out a few of their cases; one of them really stole my heart and is currently my favorite all-purpose cover for my $1000+ smartphone.

Moshi Has Stylish & Functional Cases for Your New iPhone 11

The first case that I checked out was the VITROS in Crystal Clear. A slim clear case that’s designed to not ruin the aesthetic of your phone all the while showing off whatever color iPhone you purchased, The VITROS actually ended up being my least favorite case, but hear me out. While I do love slim cases, there’s always that thought in the back of my mind that they never truly protect the case from a tumble out of my pocket or a drop from a desk.

While Moshi states that the pocket-ready case does have military-grade protection, I felt that it was a bit flimsy around the corners, and area which would likely take the most damage in a fall. Also at the rate that I change cases for my iPhone the bezels over time would wear out. As an upside though, this case is fully compatible with wireless charging pass-through and has ample room for photos thanks to its precision cut out for all three of the iPhone Pro Max’s cameras. However, this case just was not for me. If you are interested, the Vitros is available for $29.95 for the larger iPhone Pro Max.

Moshi Has Stylish & Functional Cases for Your New iPhone 11

Next up there’s the up there’s Moshi’s iGlaze slim hardshell case. I received this model in the Armour Black, but there’s also a pearl white model available if that’s your thing. What I love about this case is that it comes with Moshi’s popular “SnapTo” feature that allows you to magnetically attach it to things like your fridge or even your Moshi Car mount. What I disliked about previous Moshi cases is that the SnapTo magnets had to be added to the cases, so the fact on these models they’ve included them makes life a bit easier in terms of the magnets not falling out of the back of the case as they did for my 10s Max last year. This case also offers up ample drop protection, and it’s look is about as simple as you can get for its modest price of $39.95.

Moshi Has Stylish & Functional Cases for Your New iPhone 11

My favorite case that I received from Moshi has to be the OVERTURE. A two and one premium wallet case, this is the perfect companion for going to work, a wedding, or for anyone who hates having a wallet in one pocket and their phone in the other.

The Overture’s case also features that “SnapTo” function that allows the case shell itself to not just connect to the wallet portion of the case, but if you need to mount it in the car, you could do that as well. Being able to do away with the wallet portion whenever I want is great, but what I do love is that if I’m in the moment and need to take a photo, the Overture’s wallet portion has a proper cut out that does not hinder taking a quick photo. The Overture wallet (and the iPhone’s case shall) are both crafted from vegan leather and comes with BPA free materials.

The wallet case itself can house up to three cards and any additional bills if you are the type to carry cash. If you are a fan of Apple Pay, I can confirm that the Overture works not only with the wallet portion on, but without it on as well, even with the SnapTo being attached to the rear of the case. In terms of wireless charging, I always detach the wallet from the Overture and just charge my device wirelessly that way, mainly to avoid demagnetizing my cards in the wallet. The Overture is available in a swanky pink colorway or the standard black which is what I received, with both retailing for $49.95.

Moshi Has Stylish & Functional Cases for Your New iPhone 11

While you’re at it though, do not forget to get yourself one of Moshi’s glass screen protectors. I use the IonGlass Privacy screen because there’s nothing worse than prying eyes, plus now that iPhones have dark mode on iOS 13, I love the overall stealthy look it gives apps. Onlookers cannot look from the sides and corners, perfect for public commuting and the tempered glass itself is reinforced making it impervious to scratches, even with the sharpest of knives. At $44.95, it’s not the cheapest screen protector on the market, but in the event that something were to happen to it, Moshi has an exchange policy as long as you’ve registered the product online at their site.

Overall, Moshi gets it right again. I have to say I have been impressed with the way that Moshi puts out their products together this year, more specifically having SnapTo build into the cases already, and not just a tab that’s removable (I cannot express enough how annoying it would be to lose them.

If you are interested in any of these cases for the iPhone 11 pro or the pro max they are available directly

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: The Overture case is absolutely fantastic as a case and a wallet, hands down my favorite; SnapTo Function is amazing!

What Needs Improvement: Vitros is very flimsy

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